beacon7(z10 FL)July 8, 2005

We have 2 little Chiquaquas and a neighborhood flea problem. We use frontline plus monthly. We sprayed the front yard, and used borax on the carpets and furniture. The dogs were itching 2 weeks after Frontline application and it states not to use sooner than 1 month. So we dipped them last night, and low and behold...I checked them this morning and there were a couple of fleas. They must be in the house. I know they are in other yards because the whole neighborhood has a flea problem, plus there are wild ducks that like to hang out in our yard that are probably infested with the little buggers. I also tryed a spray with essential oils and a couple drops of dawn (spraying the dogs each time they go outside). I would order some beneficial nematodes, but it is my understanding that they don't do well in temps above 80, or strong sunlight...well it's June in S. FL. I'm hesitant sprinkling the borax outside, and the essential oils don't seem to be working.

Can anyone think of anything that I'm missing? Or any suggestion... would be appreciated...Thanx

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just_curious(7b/8a Canada)

Vet-Kem has a product called Siphotrol p.m. which worked well for me and others I know. It's for indoor use.

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beacon7(z10 FL)

Thanks, Just Curious
We're still having problems, and appreciate any suggestions.

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Frontline Plus (or Frontline) kills fleas ONLY after they bite the dog, it is not a repellent. Advantage or K9 Advantix will kill fleas on contact and repel them, it does work. I was a confirmed Frontline user so I am familiar with the products. using something that actually keeps the little pests OFF should help your in house problem. Also I was advised by a Tick Control web site to spray the yard with Ivory Liquid soap (dishwashing soap). You put 1/2 cup in a garden hose end sprayer and use that to spray with your hose. Be advised that this will kill butterflies and bees so be careful to spray on the grass not all the flowers and stuff. It does work. You have to redo it about every 7 to 10 days. We have a huge yard so I just spray it around the area that we use a lot and it seems to be very helpful. You can see them jumping in the rest of the yard but not that area. It also kills ticks which are quite bad in this area of Mo. and the main reason for my use of the stuff. I was advised to spray the trees for Tick control.

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getyourleash(z7 Mid-Atl USA)

Diamtomaceous Earth worls wonders. I have 4 dogs and it does a great job without serious chemical warfare. Check the link below. It's easy to get and to apply, you just need to let it work. Chekc other links as well if you want to know more.

Here is a link that might be useful: Diatomaceous Earth

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peconec(6 NY)

Plain Ivory liquid soap kills fleas? I have a deck and every night when you walk on the deck you are attacked by fleas, under the deck is moist damp and all sand.

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beacon7(z10 FL)

We really tryed everything including a product from the vet called Knockout (for indoors). We finally called the exterminators. They got the indoors, and the grass (no bushes). There are pests all over the bushes. I think that I didn't do anything for so long, that it got way out of control. We are going to try to reintegrate different methods, including beneficial nematodes. But I understand that they don't do well in extreme heat (we are in S. FL).
I'm wondering if Ivory soap in the hose would kill the beneficial nematodes?

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ellenr22 - NJ - Zone 6b/7a

re: beneficial nemotodes.
I used them last year, and they seemed to work.
This year, I used them with no effect whatsoever. Which ticked me off as they are rather expensive. Perhaps this year the fleas are stronger.
Anyway, wanted to give you that feed-back.


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Fleas in the house are a major headache! One thing that might help is a vacuum cleaner (bag type) use it daily (or twice daily) but toss the bag each time (the vac helps to remove fleas and eggs). Borax works for minor problems, but sometimes fleas become major problems. You may need to use a fogger or other chemical attack.

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Just wondering if when I vacuum the carpets does it have to be with a vacuum cleaner that uses bags? I have a bagless vacuum and wanted to know if that would help. You disguard all the stuff when your done. So I guess my question is do you have to use bagged vacuum or can you use bag less vacuum and disguard after?

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i have a flea problem under my deck --i saturate deck with good ole water!! some times cover deck in borax first hose the ^$#^% out of the dirt underneath the deck--takes about 10 --20 minutes a week. the water helps wash away the flea poop in which flea larvae live on and drowns a few i hope ---but it does seem i am winning the battle against them---remember fleas are not too happy with water or soap

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