Need Help Saving Clearance Rack Hydrangeas

juliamay67June 1, 2009

I found two potted hydrangea on a clearance rack for 70% off. The leaves look healthy but both are sporting full pink flower heads that are brown on the edges.

Should I cut off the flowers? Can these little guys be planted in the ground? What kind of sun/treatment do they need?

Right now they are about 16" high (from top of pot).

Thank you.

Julia in Woodinville, WA

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Do they have a lable saying what hydrangeas they are? If so do a search here and you should be able to come up with the care for that particular hydrangea. Or post the name and someone who knows something about it will likey post care for it. Most hydrangeas like semi-shade conditions. I would remove the flowers if they are already browning. Good luck 70% off is a great find for a plant the season is just starting on. You can plant them this time of the year but make sure you water them in well and they will shock less if you do it in the evening after the worst of the days heat is gone. I give mine miracle grow or miracid when I transplant to give them a little boost. I would only ruff up the roots if the plant looks like it needs it.

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Thank you for the information, Madeyna. They do not have tags on them, I am thinking that if they are "name brand" they wouldn't have wanted any bad varieties out.

I will do as you suggested. I guess I can't miss too badly, since they would die otherwise...

Thanks again,


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This may or may not help you, but I am always buying plants that I feel sorry for and got a huge, but very sad looking (possibly dying) Hydrangea of unknown type at the end of the summer last year. I put it in the ground and at the end of the fall, I cut it back to about 10 inches. I thought I must have killed it, but this year it is already two feet tall and has blooms. I did not do anything special as far as fertilizer, but I DID mulch it with leaves and not take them off until all danger of frost was gone.

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Also, all of my Hydrangeas are in almost complete shade with very little sun ANY time of the day and all are doing very well. I'm sure that the plants you bought are probably root bound, so I ABSOLUTELY agree with the roughing up of the roots also! None of my plant rescues have ever died on me, and I always do that, so they are back on the right track!

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