Ants, peanuts butter, Boron & Spinosad half-life

cncnorman(z7 FW/TX)July 11, 2006

Okay I know this is a lot of topics kinda combined into one but I promise I will try to make sense. We have a problem with ants this year - this is also the first year that we don't have the hundreds of thousands of tiny little spiders in our yard and the first year that we didn't apply dry molasses and coffee abundantly to the yard so I am wondering if there is a connection there?

For the ants in the yards and gardens we have applied Spinosad in liquid form (about six weeks ago) but they have already begun coming back. Is it the short half life (14 days) of Spinosad that is causing the reinvasion already?

For the ants in the house I took Roach and Ant powder (boron) and mixed it with hot water and maple syrup and the ants were oblivious but when I mixed the boron with syrup and peanut butter the ants have gone totally gaga over it. Is there some sort of species that prefers the pb&s over the sugar water? Just curious - I'm pretty sure they are fire ants considering everywhere that I've been bit has produced the pustules. gag.



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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Boric acid, not boron. Anyway, I suspect that the ants are more interested in a fat, protein diet than a sugar diet. If you are going to use a home remedy, I suggest that you do not dissolve the boric acid in hot water. Let it do its thing as a dry powder, perhaps sprinkling it on top of peanut butter.

Amdro is a very fine fire ant (and other ants) bait, that when used correctly will kill the entire colony in a very short time. I highly recommend it for outdoor use.

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