Japanese Beetles are here

GardenKiwi(Z5 Michigan)July 13, 2005

Yesterday everything was fine - plants looked terrific.

Today I looked out and my beautiful geraniums are loaded with Japanese Beetles and the leaves are getting skeletonized already. Does anyone have a "potion" or "remedy" for protecting plants? Perhaps something that will DESTROY :) them.

The filthy brutes !

Help please!


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I bought a japanese beatle trap, hung it by my roses, beatles havent come back since. go to your local nursery.


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Those "Japanese Beetle traps" are designed to attract the male of the species for a population count. So as the trap fills up with males they emit a pheromone that attracts more females who emit a pheromone that attracts more males. That a given population diminishes for a short time for multiple reasons is not an indication that any given control is working.
The best control for any pest is to look closely at the soil and make it into a good, healthy soil that grows good, strong, healthy plants that are not attractive to pests and diseases. In the meantime simply knocking the buggers into a pail of soapy water is the best control, that won't also kill off many beneficials and poison your environment.

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My beetles are the brownish/reddish ones that look like May or June beetles. They are everywhere. My local univ. extension told me to use orthene, but from what I have been reading that doesn't seem right. I have perennial beds on just under 1 1/2 acres. If I kill the ones in the back, the ones in the front will fly to the back. My buddleia looks like it has see-through leaves, it is so nibbled. I need something systemmic!

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I read a post that said geraniums are poisonous to japanese beetles. They went after my geraniums and I did find quite a few dead ones. At least we have that satisfaction. I had no idea they would eat geraniums. I'm trying to find out what they won't touch, and then plant only that. I had a lobelia cardinalis they didn't touch. Columbine and gloriosa daisy they didn't touch. They even ate the marigolds!!!!

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I did not get back here as I though I would but the link below will give you a picture of a Japanese Beetle. If this is not what you had other means of control are neeeded.

Here is a link that might be useful: Japanese Beetles

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Actually, geraniums are like hard drugs for japanese beetles. they nibble on tem, and then are knocked out for about 5-8 hrs depending. Sometimes they die! Interesting that they never learn to stop eating them like other pests. you can read more about it here

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Great info pzagarella! I did save my geraniums (about 30 of them). Just doing my part to control the dang population. I have another thread going about what plants they'll eat and what they won't eat. Not too many people posting tho, unfortunately.

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pablo_nh(z4/5 NH)

I heard that 4-o'clocks attracted JB's, but were poisonous to them. I planted them one year- the JB's did eat them (more attracted to my hops, however). Not sure if it killed them or not.

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