Good Bugs? Bad Bugs?

downeastwavesJuly 18, 2005

Here are a couple of bugs that I just noticed in my garden, please let me know if they are friends or foes?

Thanks for your help!!!!

Bug about half inch big on my potato bud:

It blends in good. Looks like it flys.

This one is on my Mallow the first one is a baby the next one is a bigger one, they have a web over them:

They are eating the leaves but hey, it it will be a pretty butterfly they can stay...

Green Flyish bug kinda pretty colors, but moves fast and hard to get a pix of:

Bigger one:

Any help on IDing these bugs will be most appreciated!


Eastport, Maine

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chuckr30(z5, GR-MI)

The first one looks like a type of leaf hopper. Harmless.

#2 & #3 are caterpillars. All caterpillars eat leaves, some have really big appetites. I don't know what kind this one is but if it starts eating lots and lots, it's time to apply sudden vertical compression (squish it).

The last one, a longish green fly is called a long legged fly. Harmless. Some are greenish, some are bluish, some even are yellow-orange.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

First one doesn't look like a leafhopper to me, but I can't ID. If it is, it's not actually harmless. It sort of looks like a lygus bug to me. You've got a painted lady caterpillar underneath the silken web, and that pretty longlegged fly is BENEFICIAL, not merely harmless.

Painted lady caterpillars don't show up in huge hoards, like some others. The adults are among the prettiest jewels in the garden. If I had some of these on my plants, I would let them be.

I'll attach a link to a few leaf hopper images for you to decide.

Here is a link that might be useful: Leafhopper images

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Well, shoot. (I had hoped to beat rhizo to the draw!) My reply to #1 is somewhere in the electronic fog.

#1 is a lygus bug. Seldom a problmm in home gardens but considered a pest for certain large-scale operations.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

The ONLY way I can figure out that I even thought of lygus bug, Jean, is that I must have been reading your mind.

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Thank you all for the info!

I was thrilled to hear about the Painted Lady they ALL can eat up the Mallow! There is plenty to go around.

I will go look the lygus bug, it is much bigger than any leaf hopper, but only one so far...

Shucks, no green flys today.....


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Does this still look like a painted lady baby?

The mallow is looking pretty ratty.

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Do you folks still think this is a painted lady baby?

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