Mosquito, Mosquitos everywhere!

RyanC95(7B)July 8, 2014

When we had our house built 10 years ago there was an empty lot that nobody bought beside ours. Somebody did start digging a foundation but they never finished it and now its just a pond. The pond is like a breeding ground for frogs and mosquitos; it never really bothered me because we didn't hang outside the house a lot. Now we just made a garden and everytime I go out I get like 10+ mosquitos bites. I'm wondering if I should either put some goldfish into the pond to control the mosquito population or should I put mosquito dunks in there. I won't be maintaining the pond or anything, I don't own that property, but nobody really has done anything there for the past 9 years.

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Call the city and they will fix the problem.

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Call your local health department ... they will fill it in and bill the owners

For now, toss some mosquito dunks in there.

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Thanks, I didn't know that the city would fix it for free

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It's a public health issue.

they will bill the owners and slap a lien on the property.

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