Pinky WInky not a bud in sight

redsox_gwJune 8, 2009

Last year I was thrilled to find Pinky Winky at a local Lowe's after ordering it from a nursery and finding they were out.

So it was planted about July 4, 2008. This year: not a bud on either one (of two). Is this another highly touted dud?

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ostrich(3a AB)

Redsox, my Pinky Winky does not have any bud either, but it is looking very bushy and healthy.

I suspect that when you got it from Lowe's last year, the plant was forced to produce buds early by the nursery to make it look attractive, before it gets to Lowe's. I really would not worry about it. I won't expect to see buds on my PW until July, since my Quick Fire is just showing buds (and plenty of them!) now, and the QF is supposed to be the early blooming one.

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It's too early for Hydrangea paniculatas to begin producing buds. I have seen none on any of my cultivars and probably won't this month. Peak bloom period for me is late July into August. All of the other Hydrangeas are about a month later than usual this year, due to colder than normal spring temperatures.

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milwdave(Zone5 Milwaukee)

It should be remembered that most plants sold in nurseries and the Big Box outlets are grown somewhere else...usually the Pacific Northwest. So they usually come in fully leaved and also many times in bud. So don't freak out just yet...give it a full year to see how it performs in your garden first.


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redsox_gw that you mention it, limelight does not have buds yet either. I will chill.

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Both my Pinky Winky and Limelight are only now starting to show buds.

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One of my Limelights is just starting to show tiny buds now. Mine are usually starting to bud now but let's realize how LITTLE sun most of us have had of late in the midwest/east!

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ostrich(3a AB)

Jan, I still do NOT have buds on my Limelight! it's interesting how big a difference there is between zone 5b and 6! Sigh.... (yes, I am whining again LOL)

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Glad to see this thread, I feel better--no buds yet on my overwintered Limelights or my Pink Diamond, but there are buds on a new Limelight I purchased this spring, as well as on a Unique peegee I've had for several years. It's almost July, getting impatient!

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I discovered a 2 gallon Pinky Winky grown in NJ at our local Garden Center and sent DH back for it 3 days later after I checked to see if $25 was out of line to spend. Fell in love with the picture of it on the Proven Winners Web Site! It's now covered in tiny buds, and grew almost 6 inches since we planted it the first week in June. It must like all the rain and crappy weather we've had and I'm hoping it lives up to the pictures.

Anyone have tips on making sure it survives the winter? We're just a few hundred feet uphill from the Hudson River and rarely get a 'killing frost' but all the cold temps last winter did in my Don Juan Rose. My fault for not covering the union bud! I want to make sure Pinky survives!

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ostrich(3a AB)

hudsonriverbug, this Pinky Winky is a paniculata and therefore it is very hardy! If you're in NJ, you should have no problem. I am in NE Ohio, which is colder than NJ and I don't need any winter protection for it at all.

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Reporting Quick Fire (SE exposure) in full bloom as of today. Identical plant in NW exposure would probably need another week to start blooming.
LLamb in almost full sun have minor buds showing.
Rest are still budless.

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ostrich(3a AB)

George, I just came back from my yard - Quick Fire (in a pretty open location, but mostly facing west), is starting to bloom. NOT quite in full bloom yet, but then this is zone 5b so I guess it is not unexpected to be behind you in zone 6b.

Still no bud in sight for Limelight or Pinky Winky yet... buds are all over my Snow Mountain tree though....

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