Squash bugs

highdesert(z5NV)July 9, 2008

This year my seed started squash plants were put out into the yard in different places. I carefully watched for squash bugs and when I saw the first one, I covered each individual plant with Remy cloth. That got to be tiresome in keeping them sealed and with watering, so after about a week I removed the cloth and awaited my annual gross invasion of squash bugs. Surprise! My plants are growing beautifully and I haven't found a bug yet!!!

I found the idea of covering the plants with cloth until blossom time from the 'The New Seed-Starters Handbook' by Nancy Bubel. I didn't wait until blossom time and it still seemed to work!

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Covering new plants with floating row covers has been something that has been discussed since the 1980's at least, nothing new, but something that is very slow to gain acceptance, even among organic gardeners/farmers.

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