Bag Worms/ White Pines

Yellow22(7PA/NJ)July 29, 2004

They are on a main highway, an entrance to an arboretum, hugh pines where a garden of all kinds of flowers grow underneath. I feel like this IPM has failed. I thought a balance would be better where on the inside of the facility there is less flowers but loads of trees and non blooming shrubs this time of year and very few bag worms. Please tell me it's enviromental stress from cars going by because the whole area will have to be sprayed. I tried to pull off what I could in late winter, didn't seem to matter much, now the tress are covered. It such a shame, I feel so defeated. What will attack bag worms naturally for next time?

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While, to our eyes, bagworms are ugly they really do little damage to the trees and the opnly real reason to spray is aesthetic. Next year start of by wrapping the tree trunks with a sticky tape to keep Ma Bagworm Moth from climbing up the tree to meet with Pa (Ma doesn't fly while Pa does) and maybe plan on spraying BTK as soon as the first bag is noticed since that only is effective early in the life of the buggers.
Before anyone suggests burning the nests out of the trees DO NOT. The heat from that burning will do more, permanent damage to the tree than the bagworms ever will.

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I've seen Srpuces that were dead dead dead and even the bag worms moved along. I did notice that one of them a day later had attached itself underneath my cushman gas garden cart. They move around on autos. So I know it wasn't because of the flowers. Breathing I think they know when to fall off. Stop at the light, drop, and roll, blow crawl...they made it. I don't feel so bad to use chemicals because to take those trees down would ruin a garden that I've work on so I don't have to spay a ton of roundup.

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