Need help with silverfish!

home12July 14, 2011

Would be grateful for any advice about a silverfish problem I have in my new townhouse. I ordered some boric acid traps to put around the house but am particularly concerned about seeing them in my closet and drawers. Would anyone have suggestions on how to deal with them? I have always used Contact paper on drawers but this time, thought plain paper non-scented drawer liners were healthier. I understand that silverfish like paper though.

I'm squeamish about using the dresser until I figure out what to do. Should I rethink Contact paper? Also, I read somewhere that they don't like lavender. Would using lavender-scented detergent (even though I've always used the unscented kind) scare them away? Would appreciate any thoughts.

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The first step in controlling any pest is not to put down some poison, but is to study and learn about 1) what conditions cause them to be present and 2) how to correct those conditions so they cannot breed. Silverfish need warm and moist places to live and grow so look for those types of places and eliminate them. Their food source is varied and includes anything with protein in it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Silverfish

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I understand that they need moisture but if a bathroom is next to my closet wall, how is it possible to control it? You would think inside my room and drawers would be dry, wouldn't they?

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They move from the warm and moist environment to other places in search of a food source. Not even a bathroom should be so warm and moist that it would create a good environmment for siverfish, or any other critter, to take up residence. If your bathroom stays that moist you have other problems that need to be addressed.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

And bear in mind that they pose no hazard to your health.

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While Silverfish may not pose a health hazard the conditions they need to live in can. Hot, moist areas can produce mold spores that adversly affect your respiratory system.

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