Nutrient strength & EC testing

CaptainHydro(WA Aust)April 30, 2005

I can't locate where I read this but the moment I did it seemed entirely logical

Basically you measure the EC one day, come back in a day or two and if the EC level has dropped your nutrient strength is too low (the plants have used more nutrients than water) and if its gone up the nutrient strength is too strong.

One would think you could find the exact amount of nutrient strength the plants want this way and use it, topping up as required (and recycling as neccesary).

But this gets me thinking, assuming the nutrient is chemically balanced exactly as the plant would want it, is this all really optimal for growth? Should their be excess nutrients in the solution? Any ideas?

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One of the easiest ways of reducing EC change over time is to increase the nutrient volume. Doubling the volume will cut the EC change in half, doubling it again will cut it to a quarter, etc. Not sure if this is possible in your situation but just a suggestion.

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never increasse nutrient levels above the labels instruction you risk burning the plant. also plants eat light not nutrients. you add them to help facilitate photosynthesis. top off the system with water and flush once every 5-10 days. Nutrient solutions is cheap recyclings a pain. pH is the only thing that must stay constant to prevent precipitants from the solution. Email me for info on where to get a good pH meter (it has to be double junction for hydroponic or else it won't work for long)

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