something fishie in the iris's

bobbieevebarnumJuly 5, 2014

Hi garden people,I have a promble some little animal is
eating the ends of the stake and leaving a fishie smell
went weeding I find dead leave and a smell What is it?
I don"t want to harm this thing but What can I do?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Soil-dwelling critters chew on plant stakes if bamboo or woody. To be expected.

If iris root is chewed, that's completely different & more important.
If it smells fishy, perhaps it's too wet?

Please post a picture,

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Where do you live? Closest city and state

Urban, subutban or rural?

Close to water or woods?

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The United States is a very big country with many different environments, growing habitats. Knowing where in this immense country you are would be a big help in knowing more about what the problem might be.

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