The Dark Garden: Winter Hydroponics

georgeiiiApril 10, 2013

Every year I try something new and this year it's growing fruit trees hydroponicly outside in five gallon buckets. They were frozen solid several times, indured weeks of cold weather and the Moon Glow is covered with flowers. If anyone else is doing this please let me know.

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Well I guess no one else is freezing their plants off (pun intended)

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That's a good one grizz. I have to use that.
The Moon Glow pear did so well this year I decided to add a few more. I'm hoping to have 24 by the time fall arrives. The Honeycrisp has about 50 apples on it The June drop seems over so I'm thinking these will stay on. I added two Blueberries and another Candice seedless grape. The Fig tree is producing fruit and leafing very nicely as well.

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did you plant the apples from seed?

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No, I bought the tree from Wa-Mmart. The only thing I'm worried about is Honeycrisps are prone to flavor varation due to high temps in September. There's no tuper or wilting problems when transferring over to the system.

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Just an update.

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This is too cool! Are you in an area that is cold and snows throughout the winter months or like us where it can freeze/snow or not. Usually our snow is gone in a couple days to a week. From time to time it freezes for a wk or so. We are 2 yrs new to hydro and grow tomatoes in recirculating buckets with airstones. Would like to "branch out" and grow trees etc. How are your buckets set up?

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just search this forum for "georgeiii" and you'll find plenty of information on his 'technique'

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This is awesome! Ive always wanted to grow fruit trees hydroponically! what kind of system and fertilizer are you using!?

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The system is my own design made from recycled plastic soda, juice jugs, pots, pails and buckets. It's made to be as simple as possible for as many people as possible. It works on urine, chemical or a combination of the two. It works on air or without. It uses parts you can get at any pet store. And everything is reuseable year after year. Thing is it doesn't run on the fertilizer you add it run on a compost produced by bacteria. If you read back you'll see I only use a short squrit of fertilizer every three day. That's to feed the bateria. If you think of it as a Aquaponic system in minature it helps. Best thing is there's no waste water all you have to do is keep it filled. As for over wintering the bacteria produces their own anti-freeze that's in the slime coating of the roots. There are a few thing to learn but nothing sciencie. It's really just Arts & Crafts.

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