Transplant hydrangeas now or this fall?

jbjustJune 19, 2006

I'll admit that I'm a beginner at this, but I've just realized that I made a huge mistake regarding the location that I chose for two of my recently purchased hydrangeas. I planted the first hydrangea (a 1 gallon Endless Summer) in April and the second hydrangea (a 1 gallon Forever and Ever) in early May.

The forever and ever is at the end of my driveway (but within my sprinkler zones) and the endless summer is at the edge of a bed toward the middle of my backyard. Now that warm weather is here, I realize that these hydrangeas are in full sun pretty much all day. I'm worried that I'm wasting a whole season's worth of growth trying to grow these under a heat lamp when I have a couple of nicer shadier spots that would be much better for them.

Should I just grit my teeth and wait until fall to transplant these two plants? I'm planning on swapping the endless summer out with a butterfly bush that I have planted in a spot that is too shady for it and I would swap the forever and ever out to a spot where I currently have a potted double-knockout (I would plant the double-knockout in the ground where the forever and eve is currently). The butterfly bush was just planted in April.

What would you do? I think that I can stay on top of the watering if that's the issue.

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I would go ahead and move them now. Since they are recently planted, they haven't established much of a root system yet anyway and probably won't even experience any transplant shock at all. In fact,they will appreciate the relief from the sun. In any location, water should not be spared during the first season or two. Move them now and make it easy on yourself....BTW, (Although Fall is best for transplanting a large old established plant), I live in Florida heat and move them all the time...A good sized root ball and WATER is the key....yg

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Looking at the forever and ever and the endless summer, the forever and ever looks like it is handling the full sun much, much better than the endless summer. Other than some crisping at the edges of the leaves, I've seen no wilt at all with the more leathery forever and ever hydrangeas.

Is it worth experimenting and just moving the Endless Summer and seeing if the Forever and Ever does fine in the full sun?

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I have to move some fairly large and healthy hydrangea bushes as the plants are too close to the foundation of the house. I also have 3 lilac trees to be moved. I am heart-broken that this has to be done. Any help/hints/tips to ease my grief?

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Is it safe to transplant my hydrangeas now May?
moving and would like to take it with me

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Hi jbjust,

I would suggest that you move them now. ES is very intolerate of too much sun, particularly the first year plant, and the afternoon sun. They will wilte and burn easily without the afternoon shade. I planted a couple ES in early May in a most sunny spot (did not do my homework), had to move them in early June. I am in Chicago and Zone 5. I think your Zone 7 sun will be harder for your ES.

I have moved ES successfully in May and in late September. If you move now, just make sure you water them frequently, they will do fine. Do make sure that the new spots have enough shade, try not to have any afternoon sun.

Dionel, you should be able to move your hydrangeas now, just make sure you dig as much soil around the root as possible, put them in a pot or I put them in a large garbage bag (only for the root part), and keep them moist and not exposured to sun. And plant them as soon as you can. You should be fine. I had to move some plants last year to another house, left the plants out of ground for a week or so. They all survived and did very well.

Good luck,

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