ants in the mailbox

lipwak(6/NY)July 9, 2007


I am getting ants in my mailbox. I've shooed them and their eggs out several times but they keep coming back.

What do you recommend? The mailbox is on a wooden post out by the street, not near the house. The mailbox is a black hard plastic.


John L

Rockland County, NY, approx 30 miles north of NYC

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The only reason ants would be there, especially with larva, is because conditions are good for a nursery, cool and moist. What conditions exist in that mailbox that would make a good ant nursery?

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I don't know. I guess I could poke holes in it to make it sunnier and drier but then I'd have wet mail. I could leave the front flap down but I kinda like having my mail in a semi-secure box.

I agree the conditions must be appealing for them to make it a nest but really don't know how I can make it less appealing. I suppose a spray with something toxic to them every once in awhile might help/discourage them,

I am still open to any and all suggestions.


John L

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I would first was that mailbox with a good soap and water solution to see if that did not move them around. Unless ants are in your house there really is no good reason too poison them.

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Thanks. I flushed them out with some water a few days ago and they haven't returned. I'll keep an eye out though.



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I'm a retired mailman and have written a post in my Butter Rum Cartoon blog on the easiest and best way to get ants out of your mailbox. See link below.
They often seek refuge in some mailboxes after a heavy rain.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to Get Ants Out of Your Mailbox

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