Please post photos of your hostas that look like mine

hostaLes(5)May 15, 2012

I posted this picture in another posting as On Stage and was told it isn't. It has the vp count, and color seasonal morphing habit of On Stage. The photo was taken in mid summer and the plant was almost dark green and green by September. This is a second year plant and I don't have a photo of it this year yet. If it isn't On Stage I need help IDing it. Show me, please, what you have.


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Color Festival, Peppermint Ice
Eskimo Pie, Summer Music


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It looks a lot like Paul's Eskimo Pie, but as you know...there are soooo many choices.

On Stage has elongated leaves so comparing yours and mine, your's is for sure not On Stage. Sorry I couldn't help more!

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Here's a few of mine that look similar:

Summer Music

Lakeside Love Affaire


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Do not know if they go viridesent later in the year or not.
Here are Ann Kulpa and Xanadu.

and I think it won't be Orange Marmalade, because it goes whiter later in the year, right?

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I really appreciate all of the photos. It is giving me a start. My interest is in developing a list of reasonably similar to research, so even photos of already mentioned varieties would help me.

I will be one of the first to question the appropriateness of nursery tags when one buys a hosta. I still have the tag showing my plant as On Stage, and the picture on it (really tiny to my aging eyes) looked acceptibly like mine.
So this does not predispose on my part that being told mine is NOT On Stage is wrong. However, my hosta does follow the color morph seasonal changes of On Stage. This is based on only one season experience with my very young plant. This season may tell me something else. But I have to suppose that, since it changed color last year it will probably do so again in year 2.

Note on my photo that the newest leaves are emerging two tone green with viridesence, but quickly turn to gold centers early in the season and almost white centers in mid-season.

My Paul's Glory, Old Glory and Dream Queen emerge in spring green & green, change to yellow or white and stay that way except Paul's Glory turns almost gold by early fall. None return to green/green like On Stage is reported to do, and mine did last season.

This is something I have to consider when researching "Look Alikes" for a match.

I started doing a HL search, plant by plant and gave up by the end of "A". Not that I was tired of researching. My brain was loosing focus and no longer assimilating information. That is not the way to go.

So I really will appreciate all additional responses,both of your cameras and your brains. Mine needs all the help it can get (lol). Thanks.


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bkay2000(8a TX)

Does Don R have a list?


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I looked and didn't see one.


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I haven't purchased any (intentionally) of the hosta's suggested here so far. This only absolves me of mixing tags up. If it turns out mine is one of them, it was somehow mis-tagged at the retailer level.
If the person who did it, whether it be employee or customer (or their children), only knew HOW THEIR CARELESSNESS DRIVES ME CRAZY! (LAMS)


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Took this pic yesterday (5/18). Unfortunately I am at the mercy of having to take pics whenever I can. I have the cast off now and can get a 90 degree bend in my knee, so maybe soon I will be able to drive.

I apologize for the quality! I noticed the blue-green hue of the margins. I really like the leaves at 5 o'clock and 7 o'clock for their shape and streaking. Whatever it is, this hosta is showing a lot of promiss.

Again, I appeal for your input. All you propagaters out there, do you think I should try to divide and try to "fix" the streaking in future divisions. Do you think it is worth it.

If I do and get good results, how do I know I am not violating someones copyright protection, if I don't know what I am starting with?

So many questions! And no answer yet. (Oh my aching head!)


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Neither Anna Kulpa nor Xanadu change color.

I thought it was the most spectacular Eskimo Pie ever... I wish mine looked like that! But I don't have a better guess either... Sorry!


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