Best place to order beneficial insects?

devoidlingAugust 8, 2013

I think I have an issue with mites, possibly spider mites, as well as aphids.

I have leaves turning brown and dying that have white circles on them.

I have fire ants all over the place.

I have seen little things that looked like salt crystals on the underside, with a loupe I think they're egg sacks.

So I'm wanting to release some beneficials. I am trying to start aquaponics and have not been having luck, and believe these to be at least part of the culprit. I can't really hose them off or use any pesticide, even organic.

Thank you

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Both Aphids and Spider Mites can often be controlled with sharp sprays of water, no pesticide needed. A one quart bottle with a spray nozzle is something I use when necessary.

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Thank you. I went and bought a spray bottle to try. I'd still like to get beneficial insects though

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Those "salt crystals" may be normal excretions fsrom the plant. Any chance of posting pictures?

Also, purchased beneficial are seldom worthwhile for home gardeners because the problem is typically noticed too late in the game.

Better to resolve the growing conditions and care of the plant so that mites don't attack. Some times it's as simple as planting at a slightly different date. In other words, prevent the arrival of mites (if that's what you have) in the first place.

In order to be more help to you, we need to know
- where in the US you live?
- what are you trying to grow?
- how are you trying to grow it? - pots? garden? greenhouse? Or?
- prevailing temps?
- and more

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I don't have a camera that can get them they're so small. Under a loupe they look like tiny white capsules.

Why are they seldom worthwhile? I've got to start new plants so I need to knock down the populations. The ag extension office said everyone in the area is having spidermite problems.

I live in central Texas, east of Thorndale.

Trying to grow tomatoes, okra, cucumbers, squash and such.

Outdoor aquaponic garden. I have to get plants going to filter the fish tanks so just giving up isn't an option when I have $400 worth of fish in there.

It's getting into the 100's during the day. The area is in full sun.

I'm posting a photo taken during construction to see the area

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Is it possible to put more than one picture per post?

This is some newer plants I put in. I've had to start putting DE around the plants because there were lots of ants walking around up there. So I assume there are aphids.

The okra has the definite speckling I've seen shown as spidermite damage. The other leaves that have already died have the white circles on brown dry leaves I've seen for spider mites.

I plant the seeds in net cups. They germinate, break ground and very shortly after are turning very light green to yellow even though they are getting nutrients. Or the edges around the leaf go crispy brown and slowly works it's way in to the middle of the leaf, leaving white dots behind.

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