Arigope Spiders

ahughes798(z5 IL)August 7, 2006

Hello, I was hoping someone here could help me. I have a small Iris bed that an Arigope spider has decided to make his/her home in. I have a genuine phobia regarding spiders. August is the month that Irises need to be divided.

How do I make this large, and to me, sickening spider move on? I don't want to kill him/her, I realise that they are valuable creatures in the garden and I garden organically, so Raid is right out, though tempting. I just want spidey to move on for a bit so that I can divide my irises, then it's welcome to come back!

Any help appreciated! Thanks. April

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lpinkmountain(5b/6a border PA)

That creepy coloration on the Arigope is a natural adaptation that causes enemies to be intimidated, not want to eat that big juicy spider. Sounds like it's doing it's job! :-)
For this ya gotta call in your resident non-arachnaphobe. Put it in a jar and move it to another part of your garden. They are nature's pest control, but I understand how you could be creeped-out by them. I think they are creepy but awesome!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

If you collect her (it's the females that make those incredible webs) on a broom and move her to a new location (where there are shubs, etc.) she will likely set up housekeeping quite happily elsewhere.

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Oh, pretty please with sugar on top, find a way to move her. I don't want spiders crawling on me, but your garden spider is a fascinating creature. She rebuilds that web every night and eats all sorts of "Bad" bugs from your garden. The ideas mentioned above are perfect. She'll set up household anywhere you put her.

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