1 gallon paniculata

ivysmomJune 7, 2011

How large would a paniculata be in a 1-gallon pot? I have 3 Vanilla Strawberries which are supposed to ship sometime this month, and am wondering how large they might be.

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Hard to say- I'd guess a range between six and twelve inches?
Could be more or less, of course, but likely that.

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Thanks. Yeah, I wish they'd specify plant size rather than container size... makes it easier to plan and anticipate. I have an idea of what size mac will fill, say, a 3 gallon container, but no idea for a paniculata (these are my first).

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mehearty(So ME z5a)

I don't know, but IME paniculatas do not grow much their first year, but next year, look out!

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I planted Angel's Blush ~ a 1 gal baby in '08 ~ from memory she was close to 2ft X 1.5ft & grew at amazing pace ~ now near full size!

On past Mom's Day I planted a 1.75gal pot of *Great Star* a first edition from Bailey ~ it was about close to 1.5 ft tall& wide now more than doubled in size in f/s site.

'Hope this helps ~ have a lot of fun! ~

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alisande(Zone 4b)

My three Little Limes arrived yesterday from Park's. They're said to be "trade gallons" (3 qts.), and measure 13" to 17" tall. Nicely bushy, too.

Park's still has them on sale, BTW, along with several other hydrangeas last time I looked.

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