hanna ec/tds/ph

XxLT250RxX(z7 AL)April 18, 2005

For you people who have one of these. I am having problem calibrating the conductivity on my HI98130. The meter is about a year old. When I place it in calibration mode and place the meter in the solution it just sits there blinking. I had no problem calibrating the PH. Does the conductivity calibrating solution go bad or do I have a problem with my meter?

Thank In Advance

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The Hanna HI98130 is a very nice combo meter.

I'm sure you tried using the HI7030 calibration solution and checked your batteries or perhaps it is time to replace the pH probe.


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It's not you it's the meter. I'm very familiar with this meter. A few things can be happening. One, the probe is shot. They are replacable for about $60.00. Second, the internal processor could be confused. Do you have it set on the proper calibration sol. 7.0 in the mode settings. Thirdly, the worst one it could be dead. Lets put this way, I work with ph and EC meters every day, and 1 out of 5 of this exact model wouldn't even out of the packaging. Hanna needs to stop making them in third world countries. I do not recommend this meter to anyone.

I just thought of something. When you go to calibrate it and it ask for the ph 7.0 put it into the pH 4.0. Sounds wierd, but I have gotten this to work. I quess it reconfuses it or something.

Suggestion: Look into the Blue Lab meters. They are out of New Zealand and are distributed in the us. Very solid equipment, and you do not have to calibrate the ppm/ec on this unit. Pretty cool.

Good luck

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Artisan and oakton both make good meters that are cheaper than blue lab with the same quality (accually better). hanna is junk there is no quality control at there factories

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Is it OK to purchase a combo meter like this? I read somewhere that it's not advised.

I guess I need to get one. :(

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