Deja Bloom Hydrangea

msalcido(7/8 (Dallas/Ft.Worth))June 12, 2010

Is anyone familiar with this type of hydrangea? I got it from the local nursery and the tag states it's from Jberry Nursery.

Here is a photo of what it looks like. The care instructions say that it is the only re-blooming hydrangea with double flowers. I was just wondering if anyone has one and if the care is similar to the other varieties of hydrangeas.

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It looks like the Together from Forever and Ever. I've seen a couple of pictures on the Hydrangea Forum so I'm sure that someone with experience will come by. In the meantime here is a link:

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It does look like Forever and Ever Together. Really beautiful double, Forever and Ever also has a double pink, but this looks like Together. I had mine (Forever) last year in a pot on the deck and everyone that saw it couldn't believe how beautiful it was. We planted it in the fall and this year it is my only hydrangea that hasn't a bloom on it! I'm still looking!!


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Tag with plant says, "pruning not necessary". Should I cut
off the dried blooms this Spring? How far back on the branch if yes? This is my first attempt with bushy plants -
I had beautiful blooms through the Fall. I don't want to do anything to compromise these plants.

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

You can deadhead at any time but should be careful of pruning if there is a chance that this variety is not F&E and blooms on old wood.

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I have these. I don't think they are in production anymore with Jberry as i could not locate on their website to get more. As a result i dug up my four and gifted the remaining one and moved them to California with me from Texas - bareroot of course. They have been blooming all summer for me in pots while i find the perfect place. They are very easy care. I did nothing all year to them and they would die back in the winter and come back in the spring (this was in TX) I agree that the Forever and ever look similar maybe just rebranded since the Forever series is so well know. I am going to get one to see if they are the same. I also like the Wedding Gown variety. In my TX yard these were a beautiful pinkish blue - almost violet color - here they are more pink. I had many hydrangeas in my yard and these were my favourites,

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I've had my F&E Together for several years now and it has finally come into it's own. When I bought it it was a beautiful strong pink and it's taken 3 or 4 years to arrive at it's current color, a dark almost navy blue with purple. It gets quite a bit of sun and it doesn't bother it at all. A rather dwarf plant which is good for me and one of my very favorites. I couldn't walk buy it this summer without caressing the flowers! I have a second smaller plant (from cuttings) growing in almost full shade and it seems to tolerate shade too..
Mine has now lost all of the blue and is taking on it's greenish pink antique fall colors..A truly wonderful variety!


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I have seven of these and have had mixed results. I'm in 5b, just north of Chicago.

Pros- durability, small size and ease of care. I have them in full sun and in morning sun only.

Flowers are less prevalent than I'd like. The plants in full sun did not flower at all the last two years. They are getting moved in spring or going to a friend.

Those in morning sun flowered, but pretty sparse. Small, thin blooms and maybe 5 flowers per plant. Being their fourth spring, I had higher expectations.

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I will agree that these don't give you the big bang from a distance the way most of the brightly colored mop heads do and as the flowers aren't globular but rather flat and irregular I think they need to be admired from close range which I am happy to do...I haven't yet fed any of my hydrangeas but am planning to start next spring. I do remember when I first bought my F&E Together the flowers were considerably larger than they are now so I'm hoping that a little food with help.

This is my plant in 2009 when I first bought it and it spent the first summer in a large pot on a shaded deck. The flowers were just huge and people couldn't believe it was actually a hydrangea!

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