willard3's system

jaybuster(5)April 17, 2008

In a posting willard3 had a link to a photo (?) of the system he designed. Some other members really liked it. Unfortunately, the link is now invalid.

willard3 if you're listening, would you please post a link to your system? I'm playing with design ideas and I'd appreciate having the chance to see how you designed your system.


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Here it is, in person:

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Dear willard3,

Thanks for your excellent design.

Is my understanding correct that this is a drip system? Something like a PVC version of Bato Buckets?

What are you growing in this? If tomatoes, have the roots been a problem?

Thanks again for sharing your design with us.

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This an aeroponic/hydroponic hybrid. A pump runs the same as the light cycle, ie, 16 hrs/day.

Plants are suspended by basket with expanded clay pellets and the roots hang in the air inside the pipe and an emitter sprays nutrient solution on them. Nutrient drains back to reservoir immediately and never collects in the pipe.

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What pump are you running? or what is its max head and max flow rate?
I've got some smaller pumps (your system, I suspect, would work just as well modified to act as a drip system for those of use who don't have a big enough pump.

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I don't use misters because the pressure drop is too high, they require too big a pump, they are noisy, they waste energy and misters are a nasty maintenance headache.

The plant doesn't know any difference between a mist and a stream; I've tested this.

I run two different pumps, but only one at a time. One pump is 8 gpm at 5' head and the other is 5 gpm at 4' head.

The emitter in the link is very low pressure drop, way less than 6" head.

Here is a link that might be useful: Emitter

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Your link to an emitter gets me to a barb. Is that what you meant to link to?

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Look at the thing more closely. It is barbed to hold the plastic hose on it. It is drilled down the middle for fluid flow.

It screws into plastic pipe on the threaded end.

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