moonwolf23(8)August 20, 2004

ok i have voles apparently in the front bed. shallow tunnels with many exits. I haven't seen them just the tunnels and it just showed up this morning. I have 3 kids and a indoor cat(more or less he likes to escape) what can i do to get rid of them that is hopefully organic?

i have mint all over the place in pots.

how much of a pain in the but are they?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Voles are difficult to trap, at least in my experience, but possible. A Have a Heart trap, laced with fresh veggies has been successful for me.

Recently, I observed voles in my vegetable garden and set out a trap. Proceeded to capture mice galore and even a rat
until the voles finally entered the trap. I had never even seen all of the mice and the rat!!!!!!

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Voles were a very big pain in the butt in my garden last year. They used the bases of my ornamental grasses (I have many) to disguise their tunnels. Then they made major raids on my garden vegies. They decapitated nearly all my winter vegetable crop last year - young broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, etc. I saved two broccoli, one brussels sprout plant with a couple of wire baskets, but that was too little, too late. This season I've kept my ornamental grasses away from my vegetable garden in hopes that will help, but we'll see............

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beebees(E TN)

I have lots of those sneaky critters in my flower garden. Thank goodness they haven't found my veggies yet. Anyway, I have managed to trap a couple by baiting a mouse trap with sunflower seeds and setting it next to an entry hole. Then cover it with a bucket weighed down with a rock or brick. They steal the seeds more often than get caught.

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pinetown(z7 Sierra)

Where you able to control your voles? Several years ago I saw a few in my garden and I thought how cute. I didn't realize that they can have many large litters a year. I soon had a garden full of the buggers. Then a feral cat showed up. Within a month, all of the voles were gone. I would never have gotten a cat on my own, but now I'd never be without one.

in the Sierra

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I was told by a county ag agent that to kill voles you have to cut 1 1/4 plastic pipe into 2 foot pieces, and then put some mouse blocks( a poison bait thing ) you can get at Home Depot, into the pipe. The idea is that the voles will enter the pipe and eat the bait, and then die somewhere, and hopefully leave your garden alone. I have tried the cat thing by planting catnip in several places, but any cats I attract leave the voles alone and just lie around in the catnip in a kind of alcoholic haze.

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lol at that picture.

would cat mint work instead?

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