Hydrangia Help!!

destin3g99(7b)June 1, 2009

I bought some light pink bloomed hydrangias from Home Depot a month or two ago and planted them in two big pots. I picked out ones that didn't have blooms at all, or what they did have were just starting to form. Thinking I would get more blooms out of them than ones that already had huge blooms on them and would run out of juice sooner.

One of the pots is beside a bush that blocks the strong direct sunlight, but it still gets sun. It looks pretty good, but it is yet to have any flowers on it.

The other one. Well, it's a mess. At first it was getting direct sunlight for most of the day and started browning up when I realized that it wasn't supposed to get direct sunlight, so I moved it up onto our front porch where it still gets sun, but not as intense. The leaves are all brown, and the ones that are green look really dry. It has some blooms on it, but they look like they are really dry and are dead, but are still pink. It does have a few new green leaves on it.

We've gotten a lot of rain and I've been watering the one up on the porch or moving it out where the rain can hit it when it rains. So I don't think that's the problem. They are potted in good potting soil, so I don't think that's it.

I'm in Georgia and see all of these beautiful hydrangias, but with the way they're acting you would think they are a plant not meant to grow in this area or something. Any ideas??

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I am by no means a hydrangea expert, I probably spend about 78 percent of my gardening time babying the two I do own. I have killed 4, kept one alive, and the other is new and as of now doing well. I was worried it was just too hot here to grow them - I have Nikko Blues which can be pink so it could be what you have. I must say, though, that the one I have that has managed to survive looks better and stronger every year that it comes back- however the first year it came back it was puny. So, now I know that I can keep them alive. It is almost like a dance- they need so much more water than any of my other plants. I actually put the hose on a slow trickle right at the base of the plant and let it get deep watering everyday while I do other garden tasks. Since yours are so new they shouldn't need fertilized yet.

The one I bought this year- to replace one I killed last year- I accidentally left in my car in the afternoon heat (windows shut) for 5 hours so I am slowly rejuvenating it. I picked all crispy leaves, brown blooms and totally wilting stems off of it and give it lots of water. It has some new beautiful green growth, but I am not expecting any blooms this season because of the trauma. I'd keep trying to salvage yours and hopefully some experts will weigh in to help you out. I would not expect drastic results or beautiful flowers this season, though.

Mine get full morning sun and afternoon shade. They need the sun to produce blooms but in our climate must be shaded the hottest part of the day.

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