cucumber beetles in great numbers

oak_st(5 Chicag suburb)August 9, 2004

Don't they have any natural predators?

Also, I'm wondering if planting onion family plants near the target plants will help. onion works against Aphids. I had terrible Aphids every year until I did that and now the gourd that is also growing with the onions isn't effected by the CBs either, anybody know?



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WITreeLover(z4 WI)

I was working for the chicago park district this summer and I saw the cucumber beatles everywhere. I did notice a few things though. They seemed to only be active on hot dry days. I never really saw them on cold or rainy days. I also saw birds that were eating them off of some of the plants in the parks we took care of. The bugs only seem to be really attracted to yellow colored flowers or foliage. One of my managers said that using neem or a good insecticidal soap should take care of them.

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pony65(Zone 5)

I've had some success using Fermented Salmon Spray, probably regular fish emulsion would work as well. While the beetles weren't totally eliminated, their numbers have been significantly reduced to where I can handpick them in the mornings.


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