Yellow Jackets

schzmo(z6a MA)August 16, 2010

I suddenly have many yellow jacket wasps appearing inside my house. This was not a problem last week, when I only found a few wasps which is normal, but since yesterday morning I have probably swatted more than 20 wasps! I have no idea where they are coming from, though they seem to be confined to the lower level and are especially fond of one of the large windows there. The wasps are rather sluggish and are easily caught, but I'm afraid I will get stung one of these days, and as I'll soon be leaving town for a week, I also fear that there may be hundreds of wasps by the time I get back! I'd appreciate any advice on this problem. Thanks

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Are you sure that they are yellow jackets? Just asking.

I'm sure that you are prepared to hear us all remind you that you must find out WHERE they are getting in and fix it. Having any wasps (of any kind) roaming around the house is not 'normal'.

I'll be curious as to what others say about this, as I really don't have anything helpful. I'll stew on it, though. Hmmmm....what would I do?

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schzmo(z6a MA)

I managed to pinpoint the source this morning. Found an area on the exterior wall where the wasps are coming in and out through a small gap between an electrical box and the siding, and doused it with Raid. Later I heard buzzing noises from a nearby heat/AC vent in the interior of the house. Assuming that was how the bugs were getting in, I closed off the flaps. This seems to have alleviated the situation but, I can't tell whether the nest is on the exterior wall or inside the HVAC system, in which case it's going to be much harder to kill!

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