Which comes first.......Termites or Repair?

skycladAugust 9, 2009

I'm having a bit of a debate about the above issue with a friend of mine, so I wanted an impartial source of info..........which Forums are great for. Also, when asking stupid questions, nobody really knows who you are!

OK........in a house that is infested with termites, and taking into account the "insurance type" contract signed with all Pest agencies regarding what they will and will not cover in regard to existing termite damage.........which should be done first, the repair or getting rid of/treating the termites?

Thanks in advance for all responses....

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You will not need to repair the damage if the wee buggers do not get into the wood in the first place, but once they are there then you need to repair the damage done and both need to be done together, get rid of the termites and repair the damage. Repairing the damage without getting rid of the problem makes no sense and getting rid of the cause without repairing the, mostly, structural damage would not be a good thing to do, either.

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