Indoor Micro-Green Production

Hydro_Rocket(CT)April 3, 2005

How many lumens per sq. ft. (sq. inch!) would 10-day-old seedlings (Microgreens) need anyway, does more light necessarily mean more weight here? Would using less wattage (low florescent) for the first 5-days, then moving them to an excessive amount of light for the remaining 5-to-6 days work as well? IÂve heard some sprouts are grown 90% of their life span without light and then exposed to a little light to be greened before harvest. Is it possible to get good-to-equal output with half the light input for this product, please, can anyone expand?

Thanks for reading this!


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you might try the "growing under lights" forum here on GW.

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hydro4me(z5 IN)

I have had leaf lettuce under fluorescents way too long before transplanting. They get leggy and strechy longing for more light and just look plain sad. 400w HID lights will produce amazing amounts of light for all veggies and flowers.

Just a suggestion. -Jason

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i grow microgreen myself and tried using natural sunlight and growing lights.

result ...

growing lights ... too long, does add weight but not exactly good to consume.

growing under natural light ... i set them out after 3-5 days, depending on which time of the year. its better this way. the leaf mass is better and people like it that way

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You seem to be talking about microgreens and sprouts as if they were interchangable; they are not. There are important differences, especially in the way they are grown. For example, sprouts are grown in water, in the dark or very low light conditions.

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