Discouraging Beavers and Muskrats

annaneaves(Canada (NS))August 31, 2004

My family has a cottage which has a very nice large pond. (It is a man-made pond, this lot used to be a swamp) The beavers moved in right away. We left them for the first year or so until we realized how much damage they were doing to all the trees. Then we had a trapper come out and take them all (he got 6 beavers and two or three muskrats) We havn't yet been able to destroy the lodge, and last year something moved in ofr the summer, it moved out seemingly on it's own. We havn't seen beavers since the trapper left so I think it was probbly muskrats using the old lodge.

Anyway... down to my question.

Is there an easy way to make this pond less hospitable for the beavers and muskrats? I don't want to kill anything, (there isn't anything to kill right now that I know of, I'm just looking to keep it that way) There are sometimes long stretches (especially in winter) that noone visits the property, so it has to be something that would more-or-less take care of itself.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Not much you can do in this situation. I am sure you don't want to drain the pond!!! It's sort of like 'if you build it, they will come.'

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