Wasp Next Ate Roof

brucegz(z5 NY)August 22, 2004

Holy cannoli. The nest had been growing for several weeks until it got so big I knew I had to deal with it. It was built between 2 beams on the top roof of my post 'n Beam house. It was huge, approx 1.5 feet out and the same wide.

Bought some Ortho spray and another brand that both advertised shooting 20'+. Stood on the top of the ladder a few days ago and let 'em both rip until exhausted. 24 hours later, no activity. Today, a few days later, took a double poled wood trim saw and stood back on the same ladder and started sawing it down. After the bulk of the nest fell down, I was awestruck at what appears to have happened. The nest and it's inhabitants ate completely through the cedar channel siding and up into the roof section that has access to the master BR. During this same period, we've had 2 large brown bats get into the house but I can't figure it was related. Now I've got the wasp nest's flat section through my roof so the next job will be a complete disection and repair. Can't tell exactly how deep it is until I get in there but it doesn't look pretty.

Lesson learned. Kill early, kill clean. Posted this as a warning to others. What a mess!

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Incredible. Did you take any pics? What kind of wasps were they? I've got one persistent one around my front porch. At least I think it's only one, have never seen two together.

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