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jfragaAugust 6, 2012

Hey guys,

I have a two part post that has ladybugs as the common subjects.

First, I work at a greenhouse with grapevines and they are infested with vine mealybugs. I have been trying to get rid of with cotton swabs and alcohol. It is possible to spray them with chemical to try to kill them but I'm afraid it won't be effective. We have sulfur burners that emit sulfur dioxide to kill certain pests but they don't kill mealybugs. Will the ladybugs survive the sulfur dioxide? I don't want to kill ladybugs willy nilly.

Second, I have a butterfly bush in my house that is infected with an orange aphid and I'm trying to look for ladybugs to kill them off. I usually see them in my rose or chards around may. But I don't seem to find them now. Where can I find some? Can do anything to try to attract them? I don't put chemicals to my plants and I have a pretty good selection of natives. My roses and the butterfly bush have mealybugs. I don't know what else to do that would bring them back.



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Those sulfur fumes will kill off any Lady Beatles, and any other beneficial insects, in the greenhouse. Something most do not consider is that most any pesticide could kill off beneficials as well as the insect pests.
Horticultural oils might be more effective at controlling the Mealybugs then the alcohol.
Aphids are easily controlled by knocking them off a plant with a sharp stream of water. Put that Butterfly Bush in your shower and flush the wee buggers off.

Here is a link that might be useful: About mealybugs

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