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steelskies(5)August 13, 2014

I read somewhere that planting allium bulbs keep chipmunks away from eating your bulbs. I was wondering about planting onions near my bulbs, or placing onion pieces around some of them. Is this an idea.

What I've been doing lately is pouring bleach down their holes, and then getting some of that bird netting and pushing that down the hole too. then I cover it with a rock. I'm not sure if I'm deterring them. I think they are just building new holes.

I have a real dilemma. My husband insists on feeding the birds the sunflower seeds. The feeder has a tray and a squirrel baffle which helps with the squirrels, but a ton of seeds drop to the ground, and the chipmunks carry them off to plant in my flower beds, in my flower pots, and everywhere else. My husband won't stop feeding the birds, even though I think 50% of the seeds are going to the chipmunks.

Thanks for listening. Any ideas???? Anyone?

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Pouring bleach on soil will do nothing to deter chipmunks and is not at all environmentally responsible.
Chipmunks are attracted by the seeds that get thrown off bird feeders, but ceasing to feed birds is not really going to do much to eliminate the chipmunks. Hot pepper flakes, mixed with the bird feed, is a deterrent that does not affect the birds, and may be less expensive then similar deterrents sold at the feed stores. Some people have reported that onions, garlic, and marigolds do have some deterrent properties for these wee buggers.

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