K-Cup Hydroponics Part I (I need air pump advice)

dkistner(8 FL)April 10, 2008

Okay, I've been lurking in this forum for days and getting more bewildered--or maybe lustful is the better word--as I go. First, let me say I'm only going to be growing lettuce-like stuff indoors. Second, part of what prompted me to get into this is concern about how our coffee habit is contributing to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch:

So I'm setting up a lettuce raft system using K cups, and I'll share the images with you in another posting (as soon as I make sure I'm coding it right above, which I won't know until post-posting).

The immediate question is this: I have four "found" bins that each will hold about 3 gallons, sitting on two of those Lowe's wire chrome shelves, and I thought I'd need to buy one aquarium pump and four air stones to bubble them with. With an Eco Air 4-outlet and four 12" air stones sitting in my shopping cart, I had a panic attack and decided I'd better run over here and ask somebody my stupid question.

Is this what I need for my setup, and other than sufficient air tubing, what over fittings or what have-you's do I need? My brain is shutting down over this suddenly and I just can't seem to think straight!



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my thoughts are double the amount of air in the system. use 2 12" stones per bin.
Other than obvious tube splices, T's and what not, the only other thing that comes to my mind is how're you going to get the lines into the bins? if you're going to go through the plastic bin wall, you'll need a grommet to make it water tight. the kind you'll need are founding in the specialty bolts/connections area at lowe's. they're located near the screws and nails and are in deep wide, but narrow trays.
probably run you $.30 a piece, so pick up some spares.
Oh! and take a short piece of the hose with you so you know it'll fit.

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