Yellow finches eating my greens!!???

swanz(z5NH)August 18, 2004

Was mowing my lawn this afternoon and kept noticing a pair

of yellow finches hanging around my veggie bed.Didn't think

much of it figuring they were eating insects but when I got

closer I noticed one pecking at the Swiss Chard..When he/she

flew of I inspected and noticed holes in the leaves.I think

he/she was making swiss cheese of my swiss chard. I don't

mind sharing some greens with these pretty birds (as opposed

to sharing them with bugs and rodents), but was surprised,

I thought they just ate seeds and insects.

Learn something new everyday.


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All birds, when raising young, will grab insects to feed those young. Are you really sure the 'finches are the ones that made the holes in the plants or did they get the insect that made the hole?

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About 99% sure, he was on the plant for at least a full
minute, pecking at the same leaf.


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aphids?, catepillars? you may want to post that question in the attracting wildlife area. They may be able to tell you what the finch wanted.

if true, try planting sunflowers, cup plant, and some anise hyssop for them to eat the seeds of instead of your swiss chard.

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You are not alone. I've been noticing the leaves on my dahlia and penstamon were disappearing. I'd studied the plants but found no bugs nearby. Then, today looking out my window that is near the thistle bird feeder, I noticed the birds that were waiting for an opening on the feeder. They were congregated on my dahlia and penstamon, biting off edges of the leaves. There are leaves all over those two plants in various stages of hole-ness. I wondered that they did not eat the quince leaves right above, or the lilac bush right next to them but they were definitely making mincemeat of my other two bushes. Not a seed situation, but leaf-eating, pure and simple.

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Thanks Susan, I knew I wasn't crazy.


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