Chipmunks tunnelling in garden

hikerwanda(Niagara Region, Ontario)August 13, 2014

Apparently it is chipmunks (not the red squirrels we had suspected) that are burrowing in the garden around our plane tree. The hostas and the ferns are not happy about it.

Are there any proven methods for keeping this problem under control? Is it a question of just keeping filling in the holes? My only significant concern is that they have dug out gravel from under a retaining wall in the garden.

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Chipmunks have adapted to living in close proximity to us quite well and deterring them is very difficult.
Many people have found that fencing material with a tight mesh (something less then an inch) laid on the soil does deter them from digging. Others report that plantings of onion, garlic, or marigolds (non hybrid French or African) also does have some repellant properties.

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