Hydrangea tree - help me pick one!

mnbobbi(4)June 22, 2010

I love hydrangeas but just planted my first (of many, no doubt) last year, a Limelight. I am now planning on a tree form paniculata farther along the same border, and think another type would look better than repeating a LL. My preference would be for tallest standard/trunk, with an overall height of 8-10 feet, and width of about 6-8 feet. It will be a focal point in the border as well as a needed screen. The location gets quite a bit of sun, maybe a little dappled shade midday. I'm thinking I might not care for the QF coloring as it ages, and had thought about Pinky Winky before reading about possible fussiness. I need something reliable. I rather like the upright growth habit and red stems. Also, it seems that the tree form can be accomplished on either a standard or training a shrub-which is better? I would really appreciate you sharing your wisdom and experience!

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I have a snow mountain paniculata and it is gorgeous. It fits your height/width and sun requirements perfectly. I personally like them better than pee-gees because the blooms do not overwhelm the tree and flop about. It really is quite a graceful and lovely tree. Mine is just starting to bloom now and will continue until September.... so it's a very long blooming tree. It has not been fussy at all. Quite honestly, I believe it has survived in SPITE of us. 5 years in the ground we never pruned it, rarely watered it.... we just recently got into gardening last year, and that poor tree was pretty much on it's own before that. I do have issues with the fact that because I never pruned it, it is leaning to one side---the heavier side (that I should have evened out seasons ago.) I take full responsibility for that issue though!

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I have a Pink Diamond tree in it's fourth season. The Snow Mountain and Pink Diamond have a very similiar flower and foilage. Only difference is that the Pink Diamond fades to a pink/red and the Snow Mountain fades to green. There is another member on here with the Snow Mountain. He has posted pictures of it and it is beautiful blooming with Annabelles at it's base that also fade to green. Both seem very reliable strong growers. Just depends on what color you want the flowers to fade too. I would go with one already trained as a tree.

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ostrich(3a AB)

I think hydrangeasnohio was referring to me! :-) Here it is:

This photo was taken on 6/18/10. The Snow Mountain tree has since started to bloom a little. I don't know if it's the location that I planted the SM or something else - it does not get very big, and sometimes the leaves even wilt and turn yellow when it gets dry. Maybe the location is a little bit too sunny and dry for its liking?

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Ostrich...your Annabelle's and ES's are absolutely beautiful. The snow mountain will extend the bloom show for you. Thanks for sharing a great photo.

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Thank you all so much for your replies, and the photo was a wonderful bonus! I think it must have been a post from ostrich that I had noticed that made me leary of the SM, it seemed like it may be a little fussy. I may need to go with that one and find another spot for the Pink Diamond - they're all so beautiful! Thanks again for you input.

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