Matina Tomato Leaves Curling Down

mrennis84April 19, 2014

Does anyone know what causes this? I've been maintaining a temp of 75-79 with a humidity from 40-50 %. My ph is 6.2-6.3. PPM is 600. Under T5 HO lights. I have some jalape�os and sweet pepper under these same conditions, and they are thriving. Any help is appreciated.

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Could be many different causes.

First off, your nutrients, temp, and humidity looks to be spot on. Couple of questions

- How far away is your light?
- What light cycle are you using?
- How long ago did you transplant?
- Are the leaves and stems soft (wilting like)?
- What is your light cycle? Is the plant like this 24/7? When did it start, how long have you noticed this?

Again, could be many things including nothing but the variety of plant and its young age.

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1. About 4 Feet
2. 16/8
3. Almost 2 Months Ago
4. No
5.Yes its like this 24/7
6. Started about a week ago.

This is my first crack at hydroponics so I've had a lot of trial and error. The tomato plant has suffered edema and nearly died a few times from my mistakes. So its a little behind. Also, there are brownish spots on the tips of the curled leaves.

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First thing you want to do is move your light closer and get a fan on your plants. This plant doesnt look like its been in hydro for 4 month. Its very tall and little to no under foliage. With your tomayo gettimg edema, I would suspect the same thing beginning to happen here. Closer light and fan should help tremendously.

I kepy plants only 1-4 inches from my t-5`s. They don't get too hot and benefit more from the closer light. A fan helps keep things cool, but more importantly helps the plant transpire.

Give it a shot and followup a few hours later with status.

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The tomato plant did have more leaves, but I pinched them off because they didnt look too well. I put the lights close to my plants before I went to work. I will give you an update once I get home. Thank you.

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My tomato plant seems to be doing better now. I will give them a little more time. My peppers have responded really well to the change you suggested. Thank you again.

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