Victor Electronic Mouse Trap or Rat Zapper?

susanb_TXAugust 3, 2006

For all of you who recommended the Rat Zapper, have any of you used Victor Electronic Mouse Trap? Does anyone have any preference of one over the other (as far as I know, we only have small mice, no rats)? Victor's is much cheaper than the Rat Zapper and you can buy it at Lowe's.

Also, do you only catch one at a time? or several? I would think once one goes in, another would see him and choose not to come in? Also, I think the electronic zapper is in the back of the container so if one is already in it, it probably wouldn't work on another until its removed. Right?

Need some quick responses please. I need to get some sleep and they're keeping me awake.

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ahughes798(z5 IL)

My mice zapper is a cat named Tennessee. He's a serial killer of all things 4 legged or more. He catches them one at a time...but can do several over the course of a night. If I was much smaller, I'm sure I'd be on his hit list, too. My ankles already are, in an affectionate way.

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Is he for hire? Since we've now caught 6, we need a serial killer!

Actually, since I got no responses, I went ahead and purchased Victor's and the first night, nothing. From the second night it has caught one each day (except for one day when it caught two). Only problem is since its small it only catches one at a time.

But it really hurts to open it and see such a cute little thing. I hate it! Wish they weren't destructive. (I guess we're the serial killers now.)

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The Victor is a nicely made contraption that does the job well. While it only catches one mouse at a time, it has the very significant advantage (to me) that it does not make a mess with the mouse when it catches it. There is nothing quite like the sight of a bit of mouse blood on the floor with conventional traps, or having a mouse move the trap around some before death. I've had several conventional traps dragged away a good distance by the would be victim. The trap is simplicity itself to empty: just flip open the top, and drop out the mouse. You do not have to see or handle the mouse. I had been hesitant to use one of these high-tech gadgets until recently, but now love it. Much neater and quite effective.


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I LOVE THIS MOUSETRAP/KILLER!!! I first bought two just to see if they would work. I put one in my garage which was getting overrun with mice and one on my back enclosed patio.

I have had these traps out now for almost two weeks and have killed over a dozen mice! ALL ON THE SAME SETS OF BATTERIES!!!

Once I have a dead mouse (you can tell by the tail sticking out of the opening of the trap), I take it outside and shake it out of the Victor trap onto a corner of my drive. A short time later, the crows come and eat them! Since I've been doing this, I am now on their regular morning route through here! LOL! They sure love those dead things!

Anyway, I hate poisons and this trap kills mice quickly and humanely without poison! Then the bodies are food for the crows/ravens since they only eat dead critters/road kill!


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bought three ultra rat zappers one works and the other are a pile of crap tried to get a replacement for them and it is impossible to deal with agrizap america or there Australian guy in new zealand be careful if you buy one there is no support any more

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Several years ago I had a problem with chipmunks taking one or two bites from every peach and apricot on my trees. I finally ordered a "Rat Zapper" classic. LOVE it! That first summer I caught 54 chipmunks, and I live in the city. I did not know I had that many around! Every year since then I get fewer and fewer chipmunks, but my fruit is now whole and free of bite marks. I also catch mice, voles, a squirrel, and a pocket gopher. If this Rat Zapper dies, I will immediately order the new Ultra Rat Zapper, no question. I never tried Victor, so know nothing about it.

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