Where to buy cocunut coir bales?

pkapeckopickldpepprz(z9 a/b FL)April 14, 2007

I bought one of those cocunut coir bricks for propogating and seeding and it works great. I want to be able to get a 2.8 compressed bale and the bricks while they expand to about 1/3 cu ft I'd prefer the bale to de-compress to about 7 cu ft. I saw a website showing a bag, but not for sale. Someone has to sell these and I'd prefer not to have to order online to avoid high shipping prices.

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I had a large importer of coir products contact me about being a local distributer. I'm not really sure why the contacted me (I'm definitely not set up to run such a business) but I guess they stumbled onto my web page. Anyway, They have quite a variety of products and sizes but it still would require some shipping. Perhaps you could convince one of your local retailers to carry the product you want. This is the company that contacted me. I'm sure they would send you information if you wanted to get one of your local retailers interested in their products.

401 East Corporate Drive  Suite 100, Lewisville, Texas 75067
Phone (469) 948-4777 Fax (469) 533-0366 www.cocochoice.com

They do make a block that when rehydrated will make about 7.7 cu ft loose. It is 30 lbs compressed and I think they would charge about $30 retail.

Are you really likely to use all 7 cu ft at one time? Only reason I ask is, once you decompress it you should probably use it quickly since keeping media in an unsealed moist condition will render it not steril anymore in a short time. I mention this because you said you were using it for propagation and seeding.

Good luck finding someone local to carry the product for you.

I'm living life dangerously and starting all my dirt plants in free compost from the county and my hydro plants either on cotton balls or papertowels. My new media of choice in hydro include no media at all for lettuce and stuff in the bubble boxes, and cypress mulch or spanish moss in the outdoor rigs. I know, not very steril but seems to be working and I'm being really cheap.

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pkapeckopickldpepprz(z9 a/b FL)

I wouldn't need it all at once but I could open the bad and use what I want and then close the bag. Since it needs to be hydrated to decompress, it shouldn't effect the unused remainder in the bag.

When you say it won't be sterile, are you referring to the air contaminating the coir? I would think as long as it is dry it would be a moot point. I've never had an issue using peat in the same manner (buying a bale and emptying it into alarge plastic trash can and using it whenever I need it. I keep it uncovered and I encourage it to get wet when it rains and it doesnt seem to affect germination. I just prefer the benefits of coir over peat.

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If you arn't worried about steril conditions, I certainly am not. Heck, I'm pulling spanish moss off of trees and using it as media.

I know some people make a point of noting that a bag of "steril" media shouldn't be concidered "steril" anymore if it has been opened for more than a certain length of time. Personally, I've used sand right off the ground for germinating seeds (so long as I know what the seedling I'm trying to grow will look like so I can distinguish it from weeds.)

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pkapeckopickldpepprz(z9 a/b FL)

Also since it is a nice substitute for spaghnum peat moss I'd use a good portion of it in my soil mixes. Wouldn't turn green like Peat does and no issues with fungus gnats with transplanted seedlings.

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My name is Jake Kabutey and I have a company that manufactures the best coir growing medium in the world. We developed it for the professional market.
Pls check our website at www.densuventures.com and click on the research tab.
Till now we have only sold to the big mixers. We package in bulk bales.
We would like to establish links with members who are willing to stock a few bags are redistribute to other members and the local community.
I have more research data from the University of Florida for those of you interested.
My email address is on our website if you would like to contact me.
Jake Kabutey

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Dear Friends . If you want to import coir and cocopeat products or sample of our products. please visit our website http://www.dasacoir.com

Here is a link that might be useful: our website www.dasacoir.com

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It still amazes me that companies want to sell a product but won't post pricing on a website. If you hide pricing, why? Obviously not everyone does and if your pricing is fair then you have no reason to keep it hidden or less than obvious. If I can't see quick pricing for the product I know I want, then I'm moving on to the next vendor. I don't have time to jump through hoops to give you the privilege to sell your product. At least GH has a "Where to buy" link.

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Coir is sometimes sold at stores that sell pet supplies as reptile bedding. Might be worht looking if there is a pet store near you.

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