H2O2 and lettuce

chadgApril 28, 2008

I am doing a floating raft system and algae is starting to grow. I have heard you can use H2O2 to control the algae.

Will the hydrogen peroxide hurt my lettuce? I read to use 2 Tbspns per gallon is the correct amount.

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Algae needs at least 2 things, nutrients (however small that may be) and light. If you can cut the light down it should help control the algae to start with. I would recommend dealing with the head of your problem first rather than put band aids on something. If light getting through your container? Is it a clear plastic or light plastic container? Maybe consider painting it or wrapping it with something. This would probably help you out much better than hydrogen peroxide.

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Algae is ubiquitous in hydro whether you use hydrogen peroxide or not.

Make all the stuff that handles nutrient opaque....this is the best you can do.

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I am using white styrofoam for the raft and it is not a perfect fit. So some lite gets in around the edges. Maybe i will put some foil around the edges to seal out the light.

I am using about 6gallons in each tub so i am going to prep some new nutrients in spare tubs and swap them out. Maybe i can get a fresh start and keep ahead of the algae.


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