Endless Summer vs Forever and Ever

bgtimber75June 8, 2010

What are the differences between these 2 types of Hydrangeas? I have almost every variety of Hydrangea in my yard and all of them do well. I have 5 or so Endless Summers and they do absolutely great. I have 3 or so F&E and they don't do anything. I've killed one and the other 2 have yet to bloom. I can't remember if this is the second or third summer with them. I know it CAN take until the third summer after planting for Hydrangeas to take off but my ES have taken off since they were planted. I got blooms that summer, the summer after and this summers they're doing better then ever.

The point of this thread though is that Lowes has F&E on sale for $10 each but I'm hesitant to buy them if they're not going to do anything.

Oh and I have quite a bit of shade.

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If you go with a Forever and Ever Hydrangea go with the Blue Heaven or Together. They are proven winners in my yard and many others have agreed. Also a member said the White Out looks like it will be a winner also, but was new last year in the FE series. I do not have one and I think it will need a few more years to be judged completely. Defentily steer clear of the Double Pink and Red FE Hydrangeas. They might turn out to be good but so far they seem like they might be duds or require quite a few years to get established.

The Blushing Bride ES Hydrangea is a winner also for sure and takes first place in my yard! Along with the ES Twist n Shout did great through it's first winter!!!

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I agree with ohio--but oddly enough the FE peppermint has done very well for me also--usually the bicolors are very weak growers,,,,,

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Ugh, I went with 4 of the Reds. I was thinking that since it seemed so basic that it would work.

I loved the peppermint's but that was one of the one's I didn't have success with and the ones I saw today had huge blooms on them and I was looking more for some that had strong leaf growth. Also the Reds were just off the truck so they haven't been burned yet like most of the older F&E's they had. I think they had a bunch of Together's off the truck as well.

They had one Whiteout but of course it was burned.

Should I take back the Red's and get the Together's instead?

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YES!!!!! Return them for the Together!!!! Two of my relatives have Togethers also and can't say enough great things about them either. It is the only Hydrangea I have ever planted that has never wilted. I even tried one in the evening sun and it thrives!!! Along with the blooms last longer than any hydrangea I have ever seen and are a very unique flower! I had flowers that dried deep purple and red on one plant!!! The pictures of the flowers are from last year and it is budding up great this year!! I know they look small at the store, but will please you very quickly!!

P.S. - I like the Peppermint but for me it is a weaker grower than most and never reblooms for me after the first show. But the first round is very impressive and defentily a hydrangea that is worth having up North!!!

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That purple flower is absolutely gorgeous.
I took back the 4 Red's and exchanged them for 4 Together's. No buds on them but like I said that's fine with me as long and the leaves look full and these do.

Also picked up 2 Summer Lace. They didn't have any new ones so the leaves were burnt of course so I'll see how those do.

Stopped by Home Depot and picked up 2 Mini Pennies. Never done any research on them but it was a good deal.

Can't believe I have to plant Hydrangeas now but I love it.

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Think you'll love your Mini Pennys, bought 1 last year and this year is loaded with blossoms, a beautiful cream to cream and blue and finally a light blue, delicious!

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blueeskimo(z4-5a PA)

Forever and Ever series has more intense color in my region (zone 4-5b) than the original Endless Summer. Of course, out of all FE, only Together, Blue Heaven do well here (and possibly WhiteOut, too). I do like Red if don't mind a small/dwarf hydrangea (and little more time to establish). Peppermint has NOT done well for me neither.

The following Together was planted in 2008, photo taken in summer 2009 -

My FE-Together

The following Red was planted in 2007, photo taken in summer 2009 -

My FE-Red

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Dondeldux, those are so pretty! That cream and blue is what I love on a hydrangea. Wish mine would color like that. I want to set it as by computer background so I can stare at it all day at work but then I wouldn't get any work done, lol.

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Interesting that out of the F&E's that Together and Blue Heaven seem to be the clear winners.

Blueeskimo those pictures are beautiful. I'm a sucker for Purple Hydrangeas and since my yard seems to tint most to the blue/purple spectrum I think the Togethers will look excellent.

Don, thanks for the photos of the Mini Penny's. I don't have anything other then Oak Leaf that stays white so those should look really nice for me.

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The Summer Lace is a very sharp Lacecap Bigtimber. I picked one up this year also and has blue flowers. I hope it does as well as the Together and BH.

Dondel the Minipennies flowers/color is great!!!

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