deadhead hydrangea?

Sheil(Z5 IL)June 28, 2005

I planted a hydrangea this spring and it's doing quite well, except some of the blossoms are brown (not crunchy) and look like what I would deadhead on other perennials.

It obviously needed more water on one occasion b/c it was all wilted. However, it popped back within 20 mins. of watering. I don't know that this had anything to do w/the browning, but maybe.

I've read about pruning hydrangeas, but I wanted to know if I can deadhead just the ugly blossoms. And if I do, will new flowers take their place?

Thanks for any help.

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Yes, you can deadhead but a new flower will not take it's place unless you have a reblooming variety.....yg

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What do you mean by reblooming variety. Is endless summer a reblooming variety?. If I let the hydrangea bloom die on the plant, would a new flower takes its place next year?

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Do you ever cut the blooms to dry? To me, that's one of the best things about hydrangas. You have to cut them at the right time or they just wilt. On mine, it seems to be when they start changing from blue to a blue green color. And the petals start getting a slightly papery feeling. If the dried flowers are kept out of the sun, they hold their color for around a year or so.

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Yes Endless Summer is a reblooming variety. The term "take it's place" is kind of inaccurate. When you deadhead ES, or any hydrangea, it causes the plant to stop spending it's energy on the bloom and start spending that energy on shooting out new stems that will produce more blooms. The difference between ES and some other hydrangeas, is that ES might complete this process in the same summer and therefore give you more blooms this season instead of having to wait until next season. If you leave the bloom to die on the plant, the same process will take place, it will just happen more slowly. This is of course a simplified explanation but I hope it answers your question.....yg

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Thanks yg!!!

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I just went to deadhead our Endless Summer hydrangea and stopped because I wasn't sure where to make the cut. There are leaves directly below the blooms - do I cut before the leaves, or farther down the stalk?
thanks for any help you can give me.

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Cut the bloom and at least two pairs of buds (leaves) below it.
If you have enough height in your plant, cutting 3 or 4 pairs of buds without sacrificing appearance would be even better. You'll be promoting branching and therefore fullness.

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Thanks for your help. The plant looks much better.

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question: Do you cut off any bloom that has lost the majority of its petals and has mostly seed left? And if so, you then cut the bloom PLUS another set of leaves below it? Im not sure what type of hyndrangea we just planted a few weeks ago, but it is a mophead, and was in bloom when we planted it.

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