Hydroponic Pepper Issues??

JC2189April 19, 2013

Hey guys I just switched my DWC system over to peppers for the summer and Im having some blossom end rot. Im using FloraGrow until this cycle is over but Im going to switch to Fox Farm Tiger Bloom with some CAL and MAG solution. What am I doing wrong? Ive lost over half of my blooms in 4 days. Anyone had this problem before?
Current DWC Nutrient Details:

FloraGrow @ 700ppm with rainwater
PH: 6.5-7.5
Water Temp: 70+ degrees

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The ppm is high, but not atrociously.
Do you have any idea what the nitrogen concentration is? Too much nitrogen will encourage the plant to abort blossoms in favor of vegetative growth.
Also, are these the first blooms on the plant? peppers will often drop the majority of their initial blooms.

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My nitrogen concentration is 7% and the blooms are the first of the year, but know I've got another problem, BUGS. Almost all of the leaves now have been eaten so I start looking for the bastards that did this and I cant find any signs of anything on my plants. What would you recommend for pest control?

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Sounds like a worm/caterpillar or a rodent. You need some caterpillar killer(Bt) or a cat!

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