Aeroponic pump help!!

tjordan_growerApril 24, 2007

Hey everyone!! This site is huge. Anyways, ok, here is my boggle. I am in the process of building an indoor aeroponic system that will house 24 plants in a 2'x3' bin. I am using 1/2" pvc for the misters. The misting/fogging nozzles that I am using are these

so, my question is, what pump can I use for enough pressure for 12 of these inside 10' of PVC? Do I need a diaphram pump? If so, will this work-

see, I dont know alot about back-pressure on a pump,I dont want the pump to burn up from too much flow and not enough release.

any advice would be great. I would like to know asap, for the auction is ending tomorrow!! Thanks everyone.

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I forgot to say- my pump will be no more than 2 feet below the system, if that helps. And i was going to have the pvc pipe in a rectangle shape, now should I cap off the end , or have it connect back?

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denalilofts(5 AK)

Hey there, the way I see it the pump is only pumping about 200 Gallons Per Hour and therefore won't have much in the way of preassure. I'm new to this as well and in the process of building close to the same system as you just a bit different layout. I ended up buying a 1/6 HP sump pump for $90 at the garden store. I will be running solution through 1/2 tube and feeding about 28 misters. Worst case I will take out the misters and let the 1/8 inch holes spray solution on the pots and root wads.

Phil in Alaska

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well, I know the diaphram pump pushes 50 psi at 3.3gpm, and my nozzles need 45-1000psi to work, I guess? So I figured it might work. The nozzles only put out like 0.010gpm.

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denalilofts(5 AK)

Well that sounds like better math than what I was thinking. Would you let me know what the outcome is, I'm in the same boat as you right now and will be curious to hear how it does.

Phil in Alaska

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You should spend some time studying fluid mechanics and pump characteristics....the emitter requires 58' of head to work at all and that's a huge pressure drop for conventional pumps thet will be delivering the low volume required by your hydro set-up.

From your post, you will need a 3-5 gpm pump at 60' of head (25 psi) and I have never seen commercially available pumps that operate in this range.

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