Determining nutrient component PPM of used nutrient solution?

gardenweb88(9)April 16, 2013

How would one determine the amount of individual nutrients used while replacing a reservoir of nutrient solution? If i had a detailed list of the PPM of the different nutrient components while mixing the nutrient solution together, how would that help me determine how much of each nutrient my tomato plant is using? Would I have to submit a sample to a lab? Is there a tool for home analysis?

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there is a kit that tests most of the nutrients to determine such information. As I recall, each component has a seperate test and some, such as iron, only measure a small amount. when I was looking into it (it has been a few years) the kit was about $400 USD for 30 tests (of each component). If memory serves me, aquatic ecosystems sold said kit. you might look there.
To determine how much of what your tomatoes are using you test the nutrient when fresh then at the change out. the difference is the amount consumed.

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That sounds incredibly cost prohibitive to the hobbyist tomato grower. too bad there isn't a less expensive option that would allow home growers to fine tune their nutrient formulas.

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If you're garden is large enough to warrant such fine tuning, you should probably consider a commercial operation.
Another option would be to collect your spent over a period of time or quantity of liquid, then test the larger vat and adjust it accordingly. the cost is still there, but it is spread over a larger quantity.

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