Something in my closet, maybe

lme2376September 26, 2006

Please I hope somene can help me!!! Most of my t-shirts hanging in my closet, have tiny holes in them!! I have not seen any bugs in the closet. All these holes are very small and are the same shape size and form. All in the same spot!! On the front of the shirt!! Around the belly button area! I thought it was my washing machine, since I have moved recently to a newly built condo and purchased a washing machine with a stainlees steal tub. But some of the shirts have been hand washed, so I am lost on this!! Like I said Iave not seen any bugs in the closet or evidence. I have however seen little "gnats" flying around in the master bath and the hall bath.

This is really driving me crazy!! My clothes are getting ruined!! I am beginning to think there is a ghost in my house!! And he is eating my clothes!! I wish I had a pic of the holes. I will try and get one uploaded.

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byron(4a/5b NH)

Sounds like clothes moths,

At one time Moth balls were used

Not sure what todays remedy is: Other than some red cedar oil or boards in closet.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Typically, clothes mothes go to wool and silk. Most likely the T-shirts are cotton so not on their diet.

That said, my sons' favorite T-shirts acquired small holes as a result of years long wear.

Oh yeah -- forget the cedar because it works only if it lines a chest which is securely closed.

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The exact same thing is happening to me. It is driving me crazy!! It's only my shirts, not my husbands!! The holes are in the same spot on every shirt. In the front around the belly button area. It's the craziest thing. I've checked my seat belt to see if something was snagging the shirts. I've checked my jeans to see if the shirts were catching on it. I don't know what it is!! Someone please help!!

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Ditto! I too have found more and more little tiny holes on the bottom front of cotton t-shirts and tank tops - at first I thought my son was cutting my shirts! I have not seen evidence of any pests - but tried moth balls and the only thing it fumigated was me! There are more each week! Have you made any progress with this mystery? Thanks~

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My 11 year old son's tshirts that are hung in his closet have the tiny holes on the bottom of the back. Have found some with holes also in his chest of drawers. I keep a very clean home and have recently took everything out of the closet and chest of drawers and washed all the clothes and washed down all shelves and vacuumed really good. And still I find more holes. We live in Ohio, our house is a slab foundation. We have a bad moisture problem in the winter. We have to run a dehumidifier all winter. I'm wondering if there is a link betweem the moisture and sometime of mite that is impossible to see. Does anyone else with this problem also have a moisture problem in their house ?

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Until about 6 months ago, this was not a problem for me. Now I am finding 2-3 small holes in the front bottom of all my t-shirts-even the new ones. If it is moths or humidity, the holes would appear in several areas. If it was the way I washed or stored my t-shirts, this would not be happening to a brand new shirt! And furthermore, why is it only happening to my shirts- not my husband or my 4 children. I am perplexed and very upset that I need to buy new shirts constantly to no avail.
If anyone can think of a new way to research this, I would be so grateful.

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Help. Me too! I fold all my T's a specific way and all the mini holes appear around the belly button area. I've removed all my clothes and refolded them back into place and saw nothing out of the ordinary. All my T's affected are made of cotton. Microbes? Moths? Ghosts?

Anyone with ideas and a remedy please help.

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There is also another query posted on this issue in the laundry room forum titled "Holes in clothing". I have posted my detailed response there. Please have a look as it may help.

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davidandkasie(Z8 MS)

do you women have belly rings? i ask that because my wife's would catch her shirt and cause this same thing.

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my wifes shirts almost all of them had the hole around the belly area for the last three months, so we took everything out of the closet for about one week and then there it was the eggs of the beetles hatched in the closet, and then they started dying because no more food chain, they are very small almost 1/8 to 3/16 in size, since i found one i was able to do a extencive search on the internet and found a web site which had the picture on it and it is a perfect match take my word for it, we had a wool floor skin and we got rid of it. this insect is what causes the holes around the belly.

Housekeeping is important. Regular, thorough removal of lint eliminates insect breeding places. Pay particular attention to rugs, carpets (especially next to walls), upholstered furniture, closets, shelves, radiators (and the space under and behind them), registers and ducts, baseboards, moldings, corners, and floor cracks.

Inspect clothing and storage areas in the fall and spring for potential infestations. Also periodically check that windows and airducts are properly screened to help prevent the entry of insects.

Dry clean or launder clothing before storing as carpet beetles are more apt to infest soiled material. Store clothing in tight boxes or chests. It is generally not advisable to use plastic bags. Although they may not harm clothing during short-term storage (several months) long-term storage could result in damage to clothing due to moisture problems or potential reactions between the plastic and the fabric.

Place mothballs or crystals (naphthalene) or part of a no-pest strip (dichlorvos) with the clothes in storage container. The smell of naphthalene may be difficult to remove from clothing. Dry clean clothing again before wearing to help remove any odor. No-pest strips may be difficult to find in stores. Cedar chips, although popular as an insect repellent, do not effectively deter carpet beetles.

Get rid of or properly store remnants or scraps of wool, fur, fleece, and other material.

Woolen garments and less expensive furs can be stored in a closet used for that purpose only. A no-pest strip hung in a closed closet will protect the garments for 3 to 4 months. One no-pest strip protects 1,000 square feet. Cut it into smaller pieces if the storage area is smaller. Do not use scissors or knives used to cut no-pest strips on food or food packaging.

If you find the larvae or their shed skins, inspect your home thoroughly. If insect numbers are low, you generally can handle the control yourself. However, local pest control operators have the experience, training, and equipment to do an effective job when excessive numbers of insects over a large area are present.

If you tackle the job yourself, start with a thorough search

of stored woolens in chests, boxes, and closets;
of remnants of flannel, wool, fleece, or felt in closets, attics, and basements;
under covers of upholstered furniture;
in lint that accumulates in floor cracks, registers, or cold air ducts;
under rugs, carpets, and padsÂespecially around edges or under seldom-moved furniture;
under baseboards, moldings, and trim.

If the infestation is localized, remove infested material possible. Carpet beetle larvae and eggs can be killed by placing infested items in freezing temperatures for 48 hours. Clothing can also be dry cleaned or ironed. Then apply a suitable insecticide to the storage area surfaces.

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please let me know if the info i posted was helpfull for you.

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ofionnachta(z6 WNJ)

If these holes are only appearing on the bottom parts of the shirts, then I would suspect something about the way the shirt is being used/worn---like a belly button decoration, or the zipper of the pants snagging it, or something at work/school splashing on the shirt in that spot. Insects in a closet or drawer won't be picky about what part of the shirt they are chewing.

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I agree..why would bugs only eat in a certain part of the shirt?? I think the bug theory has got to go....! I think it is the seatbelt rubbing against the zipper or what ever. Since I have pulled my shirts out of the seatbealt I have had no holes!

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Maybe there's something living in your bellybutton......;-)

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I have this same problem and it is driving me crazy. All cotton shirts, all small holes on the bottom front. No belly button jewelry or seat belt issues. There is definitely something eating the holes in the clothing. My neighbor has the same problem. It is very odd, but would love to know if someone understands the problem and can provide HELPFUL info.

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I have the same problem. The holes are only in my shirts not my husband or childrens. I used a very mild detergent and never use bleach. The holes are only in the front and towards the bottom. Usually cotton shirts. I started hand washing my shirts thinking it was from front loading washer. Now I found one in another shirt. So could it be the dryer. We have inspected it numerous times. Well, we just recieved our new washer. I quess I will find out. What an expensive mess this has become.

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There's been an ongoing discussion about this at the Laundry Forum. In fact they're on part 2. Try searching holes in clothes over there, but here's a link to get you started.

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Help! I have the same problem as everyone on this board has mentioned. I did have a pest control person come out and take a look but not even he could figure it out. All of my cotton shirts have little holes in the front of them and I don't wear belts or have a belly button ring.

I suspect carpet beatles so I'm going to remove my carpet and put in laminate flooring but I really don't know what else to do! If you have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

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Karen Pease

Well.... I suppose one way to rule out bugs would be to apply a permethrin spray to at least some of your clothes (assuming you don't have cats; dogs are fine), and see if the damage stops.

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I have had this problem for about 5 years and to this date cannot figure it out. it drives me crazy....and i know i am not only affects my cotton t-shirts especially the real thin ones. There is no rhyme or reasons....i have tried everything, from changing closet to keeping the shirts in plastic bags.....It is not the seatbelt and i don't have a ring on my belly button. I do not have bugs coming out of my belly buttons.....i think it may be larva.....that are invisible to the naked eye.....and once you wash the item that is when the holes appear in clusters. They come in different shapes and always appear around the navel area. Why not anywhere else...It is baffling to me....but i am glad i am not alone.........i have cleaned my closet and i used moth balls....nothing works....i called them the mysterious holes....all my t-shirts are getting husband and my kids clothes are fine......

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This happens to me, too, and other females I know. What I believe is causing this is the zipper area. If you look at that spot, not the zipper, but the very top of the pants where the button is. A little point sticks out, you can see it if you turn sideways. Very hard to explain. But the bottom of the shirt is rubbing on this hard flap of material and causes the hole.

How can it be bugs when most of us here are saying it only happens to some, not all, of the household members. If it were bugs causing the damage, would they discriminate on whose clothes they were eating?

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From London.... Ok, this is clearly an international problem that required urgent attention at the next G8. Small holes? Yes lost of them, thin cotton shirts, around the (un pierced) belly button area, though extending little laterally. Seat belt seems most plausible - will investigate and report back. Bugs and washing, non starters. There is a united band of impacted females here anxious to explore any innovative ideas or leads.

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My theory is this: Because it is ONLY happening to us ladies- not children or males- it HAS to be something about our adult female bodies. I believe we must be secreting a hormone with our sweat or through the skin somehow in the area just above the pelvis. The cheaper thin cotton t-shirts come in contact with that little protruding part of our belly when we sit or move and the the skin oils left behind on the shirt weaken and eventually deteriorate the fibers there and eventually the tiny strands give way and a hole develops. It can't be seatbelts, or bugs, or detergent because there are too many of us, with all different surroundings. The common denominator is we are all female so that is the link. It has to be the contact with our skin in that area that affects the cotton. From what in or on or coming from our skin I do not know, but it common to the adult female.

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My mother had the same problem. Don't go ripping up carpet or using stinky moth balls. All you need to do is check your rings and make sure that you aren't missing a diamond. Remove all your rings and you'll notice the holes will stop appearing. Your husband and children don't have the problem because they dont wear rings. My mother had lost a diamond and the prong on her wedding ring was pulling holes in the shirt when she lifted it to use the rest room. That is why it was only in the bellybutton area on all her shirts.

Quit throwing out your jeans and blaming it on ghosts -- just take off your rings and it will stop!

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I have the same problem, i have found about 20 shirts in my closet lately that all have holes in the front. i do have a tendency to wear a shirt once and then hang it back up if i didn't wear it for long. maybe that is the problem. i know it is not something the clothes are rubbing on, because i found 1 hole in a shirt then checked it a few days later and there were 3 of them. something is definitely eating the clothes. they are all cotton and a cotton blend, but very light weight. i started finding big holes in my winter clothes that i put put to the side in my closet. i know they were not there when i was wearing them a few months ago. i am so frustrated because all of my clothes are getting ruined! i did just put about 5 bags worth of clothes in the freezer to see if i can kill whatever is on them. i left them there for about 2-3 days and just hung them in another closet. i will see if this solves the problem. I am also pregnant. I wonder if that has anything to do with it? It does seem like it is just recently starting to happen. Hopefully someone will have an answer.

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Check your laundry baskets! I had exactly the same problem on my clothes mainly and in the same place. As I am the only person who folds their clothes in the house they often entered the laundry basket folded too. I recently turned my basket upside down and bashed it and along with dust and fluff there were tiny little bugs which I think are eating our clothes before they even enter the washing machine. I've hoovered it and used insecticide and now only time will tell if these are the culprits of the tiny holes!

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I have had this problem for about 3 years. First started in a townhouse with carpeted upstairs and closet. Moved to a house with only hardwood & parquet and still had the problem. Moved again to a house with a walk in closet, also carpteted and same problem. Moved back to the original townhouse and problem even bigger. Has happened to shirts not yet worn or washed and always in the same place at the bottom on the front. I will not see holes sometimes when I iron the shirt, then discover one or two while at work and by the time I go to wash a few days later the 2 holes have multiplied to a dozen or so. I have had 3 different washers in the moves - front loads and top load. I don't put the shirts in the dryer, some get dried inside on a drying rack on hangers and outside in the sun the summer. Tried a no-pest strip from TSC a month ago and even more holes it seems. It is very disheartening to have shirts not worn or hardly worn and have then ruined. It doesn't matter if they're from the states (I cross-border shop alot), Liz Claiborne, American Living, Cotton Ginny. It used to be the thin ones and now they're getting even the thicker ones. It's not belt buckles as it happened to one shirt that I never wore a belt on the pants. I don't cook with these shirts on and don't have granite counters. The mystery continues and I just wish we could solve it. My neighbour mentioned that once you buy these shirts, put them in the dryer for 20 minutes before putting them away to kill any bugs being imported from abroad. It's not cold enough to freeze them and my freezer is not big enough.

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I am a 68 yo male and I too have had this naval pin hole problem like everyone else. As of now, I am going on the attack and I will get rid of them. In the meantime, if anyone can help, you can em. ail me at:
The bugs do not go after my wifes closet, only mine. As a first step,i`m taking all my cotton clothes out right away and into a bag,placing it into my -17C truck for a few nights and freeze the heck out of them.I will do that alternately with other clothes until my big closet is completely MT and before reentry, everything will go to the dryer on hi heat. I will remove any seams, molding and mats where these sucks could be hidden.I will use the best sealant and fill any cracks where eggs could be lodged and buy the best insecticide possible. I will win this war.

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I am so happy to find I am not alone in this! It just happened to my brand new expensive tee from anthropologie that I have never even washed! After reading all of these posts, I am certain the tiny holes in the bottom of my shirts are being caused by my jeans, and/or my jeans and my seatbelt. The damage is always in the same spot, and it lines up perfectly with the metal button on my jeans. I am so relived the mystery is finally solved.

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wow everyone has this problem!! I'm male, don't wear belt buckles, defiantly no navel ring and there is no bugs in my house, wife has same problem.. thought it was bleach type spray like when you spray bench tops.. live in Australia and like everyone same spot, new shirts as well and only thin cotton shirts. the solution or truth will kill me.. where has that show the X files gone, please help

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I'm glad I'm not the only one here
This has happened to 5 or 6 of my tshirts now, and a long sleeve one that I'd only worn once!

I'm not 100% that it's a bug problem, as it's always in the exact same place and hasn't affected my girlfriend's clothes, but I'll take everything out and have a good inspection this evening...

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I don't think it can be a bug, as it doesn't touch my wife's clothes. Could it be the thing on the jeansor maybe the belt buckle? I don't have rings, and I don't think it has anything to do with the washing, as my wife doens't get them. This is absolutely driving me crazy, and it's costing me money as well

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This is indeed carpet beetles. No question. They like to eat where there is even the slightest hint of leftover body scent...even if the garment is washed. Place a worn cotton t shirt slightly damp in spots on the floor by your them come.

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This is so weird as the same thing is happening to me and has only started recently to all my really nice thin cotton T shirts. Always in the navel area, tiny holes that seem to multiply. I have thought about all of the above but have dismissed the jewellery, Button, Buckle theory when holes appeared in 3 new tops I just bought and only wore once! Somebody must have the answers!!!

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I just googled this question! It is costing me a fortune. All my cotton shirts have these mysterious holes in them...and all like you said...just me, not the kids or hubby. As a matter of fact, I just wore a t-shirt for the first time...washed in cold/delicate. Hang dry...and 2 holes already!???
I don't have the granite countertop, not the seatbelt theory...or jeans...
Glad to know I am not alone, but so very curious to know wht this is happening....

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I thought that I was the only one with this problem. It is such a crazy problem and a mystery. I also have very small holes in my cotton shirts around the belly area, and only that area! I have no clue what is happening. I am starting to think that there must be a cotton eating insect in my home. It only affects my shirts and no one else's in my household. What is the deal??? Does anyone know?

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My wife and I have had the same problem for a few months here in Victoria Australia. Cotton clothing, mainly Tee shirts, Today used one of those "bug bombs". Insecticide that you set off and leave for 2 hours while it sprays a fine mist that disperses through the room Did this close to the wardrobe with the doors open. Four hours later with the room now clear we found hundreds of dead tiny black bugs on the floor of the wardrobe. Hopefully this will fix the problem. Will repeat the Mortein bug bomb excersise again next week to make sure we have got them all. Never had this problem before and have lived in this house for almost thirty years. Maybe the bugs are being imported with the clothes.

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Oh my goodness! yes we have the exact issue only it is my husbands' t-shirts, not mine. Mine are kept in my dresser, whereas his hang in the closet. We are at a loss....we used a room fogger to dispense with bugs, but didn't try it in the closet. I have silk and wool items in both my dresser and closet, but his cotton t shirts get the holes. very frustrating and expensive as you all have posted.

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I'm male living in London (aged 50) and, just like everyone else, the tiny holes have begun to appear on my
T-shirts. It doesn't happen to my partner and the holes are in the exactly the same place each time. Any scientists/insect or fabric experts out there who can offer an explaination? It seems to be a world wide phenomenon that is driving many people crazy.

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FRUSTRATED!!!! I am comforted to hear that I'm not the only one with this problem but I am sooo frustrated as to what this problem is! Same story as most of you: female, affects only cotton t-shirts all the front belly area. I don't wear rings, it's not my car seat belt and only happens to my clothes, not anyone else's in my house. If there are any updates, pls. share. I'm am losing all my t-shirts. I threw a bunch out yesterday and keep finding more that are damaged. Arrghhh!

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Someone must be able to help. This has been on ongoing problem with my most expensive clothes being ruined on a regular basis. Only the female clothes in our house. I have always thought it is silverfish, although we never see any evidence. As per everyone else, always in the front of the shirts no matter how they are put away. It is definitely bug related. Have had the house sprayed for pests, nothing is stopping these things. I too thought I was crazy as did my family, good to know I am not, but there must be an answer to this problem.

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There's two new Changes that happened when I started experiencing these holes in by shirts and underwear ( cotton) got a new mattress with latex pillow top and I am almost 7 months pregnant the holes are all around but in pairs mostly. Oddly I always notice them in the morning because these are cloths I sleep in. My little dogs sleep in the bed with us. Any one else with these in common?

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I don't believe it's bug related if it's not happening to everyone in the household. Why would a bug differentiate between sexes? I still think it's the little fold of material that is right above the button/snap on the top of pants. I don't know why this material never lays flat. So when the shirt rubs against this all day long, it gets a hole.

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OMG!!!!!!!! This has been driving me crazy!! But I just did the experiment with my granite countertop and BAM.......there were the holes!!!! It makes total sense. Please everyone, stop thinking there is a bug who only has a taste for the front of women's clothing! And if it were your washer/dryer, it would be on your husbands clothing too. It makes perfect sense as women are on average, shorter so the counter hits you in that EXACT spot! (And we usually spend more time in the kitchen, at least in MY house :) Thank you thank you thank you for solving this for me!!

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Makes sense that it could be friction that is causing the holes to appear, but how can you explain how some people have holes in New-Unworn t shirts?

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well,I was thinking of using too much bleach but since it was said new fabric that leaves that out. Good luck.

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Interesting to see the date of this original post is 2006. Five years later and this phenomina is still occuring! I am in Australia and I too have tiny holes appearing in my cotton shirts (stetch knit only). I have spoken with friends who have the same trouble. These holes are IN THE FRONT AROUND THE BELLY BUTTON AREA.

It is impossible for this to by MOTHS as they could not target just one area. If it were any kind of insect the holes would be random and on other clothing.


I have discounted all of these reasons because the problem is across the board, all age groups, male and female.

The ONLY COMMON FACTOR is the damage occurs to T SHIRTS and SINGLETS


My husband has worked in clothing manufacture for years. He says it is NOT THE FABRIC to blame otherwise, like insect damage it would be random, appearing in other areas not just the front.

So far we are at a loss to explain. Google the issue and you will find hundreds, perhaps thousands of posts on other forums about this issue.

It is not restricted to cheap products either. I have friend who had this happen to a new $90 item, worn once and hand washed.

Is there a chemical being applied to the shirts after manufacture? I would love to know the answer???

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Today's the first time I decided to look this up on the internet and I"m surprised by the many people that have the same problem. Recently I asked my daughter the same question and she has the same issues.
I'm thinking it's from cooking? Maybe the oil or whatever it is that splatters on the shirt, weakens the material?
I don't wear an apron and I"m going to invest in one to see if that's it. I"m not buying the bug thing because like all of you... my husbands clothes hand in the same closet with no holes. I"m not getting the carpet thing in the closet either because most of my t-shirts are folded in my dresser which is lined with cedar wood. I wash my clothes in a front loader which is the best due to the agitator not being there beating your clothes up. I hang dry my clothes so I know it's not the dryer.... I'm sticking with the cooking/splashing .....

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I have the same problem with tiny holes appearing in my t shirts. I have been very puzzled by what could be causing this to happen. I am not convinced it is the seat belt in my car or the counters in the kitchen. My current theory is my induction hob? Could it be causing friction/connection with any copper on my jeans button or my belly piercing? I think the induction hob only works with copper pans and I do most of the cooking which is why my husband doesn't get holes in his clothes. Can anyone dispel my theory?

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I have started to collect all of the t-shirts in my wardrobe that these holes have mysteriously appeared and the pile is getting bigger and bigger. I have now decided that I am bringing them back to the stores that I bought them from and ask for an exchange or refund.

I have assessed everything that I might be doing that would create these holes and it the end I can not figure out what the problem is on my end. If there were a definitive answer I would fix the problem - trust me!

I have decided that I am going to bring the problem back to the retail industry that is making these t-shirts. Maybe if everyone that has this problem would do the same - the retail industry would try to solve the problem!

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My t-shirts are suffering from the same little holes. Now a very nice cotton top has little holes, too. I don't garden and I don't have carpet - so thorns and carpet beetles are out of the question. I'm wondering if either the cotton is of poor quality, so it gives way easily with machine washing, or the cotton is being grown and woven overseas (like China) with the beetles imbedded.

The last writer's suggestion is good - bring it back to the retail industry, the manufacturer (like Fruit of the Loom) or to the Cotton Council. If I hear from them, I'll let you know.

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So happy that I am not going mad. I have had this problem - small holes in the front of my t-shirts and tops for about 6 months. I have had a pest control company round to my house twice to spray and today will be my final spray. They have been spraying for small bugs as we thought it may be carpet beetles or moths that are nibbling away on my clothes, although we have seen no signs of anything. The clothes that seem to be targeted are soft cottons from Abercrombie and Hollister, Bannana Republic. I am heartbroken as they are all new items that seem to get eaten,. I wore a brand new top yesterday which was hanging in my wadrobe since Saturday, I washed it last night and have just put it on the line and there are holes in the front. I then picked another brand new one out of the wadrobe that has not been worn and that also has holes to the front (was only tried on). So far it has cost me �200 for the pest control company and about �500 in clothes, I am not only skint but look like a tramp - so very upset... Does anyone think maybe it is a repellent that new clothes are sprayed with that could be attracting bugs? really dont know where to go from here...

    Bookmark   October 11, 2011 at 4:26AM
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Okay. I know this sounds crazy- but hear me out. I think it's energy flowing from the sacral chakra. It started happening only with cotton tees, and only when I was with my boyfriend. As a test- I put on a cotton tee and wore all day. No holes. Then right before bed we talked for about an hour. TWO small holes! Right under the belly button exactly where they are on all 6 other tees. I've never felt more connected with a man before- and I have felt energy flowing when I am with him- he feels it, too.
Read this description of the second or "sacral" chakra:
The second chakra, located in the abdomen, lower back, and sexual organs, is related to the element water, and to emotions and sexuality. It connects us to others through feeling, desire, sensation, and movement. Ideally this chakra brings us fluidity and grace, depth of feeling, sexual fulfillment, and the ability to accept change.

So I am going to toss this theory out there, because NONE of the other ones discussed answer my holes. I think it's coming from *within*. The "depth of feeling" part struck me as accurate.


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I have had these mysterious holes in my 100% cotton t-shirts, and also in the unmentionable part of some of my undergarments. I have done extensive research on the cause as my clothes are sacred.

I called in the experts from Terminix. He placed a pheromone trap in my closet. I caught 2 moths within a 15 day period., However, after speaking to an expert bug guy, he told me that clothes moths DO NOT EAT COTTON. I did also find a few holes of the same shape and 'shaved' like appearance in 2 cashmere blend sweaters. However, silverfish ONLY EAT COTTON and RAYON. SIlverfish are very common after it rains and love hanging out in showers and areas with plumbing (my closet access is through my master bathroom so there is plenty of humidity).

SO, do I have two pests lurking in my closet or are the experts wrong and clothes moths do eat cotton? If someone ever wanted to torment me, they would be messing with my clothes and I am beyond annoyed. Terminix is coming again tomorrow for another assessment. Wish me luck!

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tryinginfla9b(9B North Port, FL)

I've noticed that my work shirts get the holes around the belly much more often. I assumed it was because of the way i carry big boxes, laundry baskets etc. Up against my stomach.

Also when i was a smoker, all my shirts had little holes from the tiny embers coming off the cigarette.

As far as un-worn clothing, I'm at a loss...

    Bookmark   November 15, 2011 at 3:44PM
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I have an answer to the holes in my clothes. CARPET BEETLES. They do eat COTTON, WOOL, CASHMERE and SILK. After 4 weeks of going back and forth with Terminix ( they thought it was clothes moths and placed pheromone traps in my closet which caught fruit flies).

I took matters into my own hands and began a search in my closet. Much to my surprise, I found larvae munching holes in my new Tory Burch cashmere sweater! I peeled the suckers off with an index card and threw them in a double layered ziploc bag. After more research in my closet, I found exoskeletons (that appear as a small piece of rice krispies), and white eggs that seem to look like lint fuzz balls with a few strings as they attach to the garmet.

Terminix came and sent my sample away and the verdict is carpet beetles. The beetles did not attack our carpet in our bedroom or the carpet in my closet. Terminix said that I caught it in the early stages, which is good. They munched on the wool and cashmere and also on my 100% cotton shirts-namely JCrew, Banana Republic, Theory, and Vince brands. The cotton shirts all had one thing in common and that was it was the thin cotton shirts, nothing chunky or heavy gauge cotton was affected.

Terminix came today and used their special vaccum in the cracks and crevices. They sprayed. I took EVERYTHING out of our closets. When I tell you I have over 1,000 items in the closet, I am not kidding. My dear dry cleaner came with his van and took EVERYTHING TO THE DRY CLEANERS (which as that is the only way (other than freezing) to kill everything. We are washing every article of clothing in our drawers, etc. as well. Such a disgusting, horrible event to have to go through, costly, annoying and time consuming.

I advise anyone who has found holes in cotton t-shirts,, wool, cashmere, or silk to have an exterminator out to your home to spray before it gets out of control! SIGH.

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Like everyone else on this forum I have the same problem with holes in the front of certain cotton shirts. I bought 2 long-sleeved cotton Ralph Lauren shirts and within a week or so they had been attacked with the one shirt having more than 8 little and visible round holes in front of the shirt in the same place as all of my other shirts. I had a bug expert come over but he couldn't figure it out. Although based on the post of November 18th it sounds like what I have are carpet beetles.

I've seen some of these lint balls attaching themselves to a sweatshirt. And sometimes I see white specks on my shirts. I'm going to call the local Terminix to see if they can come in and take a look at what is going on.

Thanks for your post. I'm actually hoping that this is what is going on and I can deal with it once and for all. I also found that when I recently bought a new cotton shirt (from Nordstrom's) and I found one small hole in front I folded it up and just left it on top of a plastic container to see what would happen. I don't have any additional holes in it.

One question to the poster above, are you removing your carpet as well?

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emlakerat(z7 N TX)

I've had this problem for a long time. It is not bugs. All our clothes are imported and made of cheap thin fabric. The little flap on the waistband of your jeans/pants (where they button) is not made to lay flat like they used to. Everytime you move, the shirt fabric rubs against this spot. Most mens pants do not have this problem although some do. My best jeans are made in America but they still wear on my knit tops. When wearing your knit tops, put your finger over the hole and you'll feel the area on your jeans where it's happening.

    Bookmark   January 30, 2012 at 12:39PM
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I've gone through all 4 closets and ALL the shirts (15) we have purchased from Disneyland and Disney World are the ONLY ones with the tiny
holes in them in the waist area. From t-shirts, polo shirts, dress shirts
and ladies shirts all of them have little holes :( Perhaps I should contact
Disney and see what's up with this issue.

    Bookmark   February 8, 2012 at 5:40PM
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Just noticed another shirt with small holes around the belly button!!! I too have lost many shirts to this odd problem. After reading several posts I have registered with a potential solution???? I am wearing the shirt that I found the holes in, and in trying to reconstruct the day once again....I was shopping for, yes, replacement shirts, could it be from the hangers in the stores???? I had some draped over the cart, and some hanging from the push bar....Thoughts????

    Bookmark   March 13, 2012 at 5:27PM
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I have had the SAME problem for almost a year now! I have a lot of shirts with 1-3 small holes in the front around the belly button area. It was driving me crazy... UNTIL... I finally figured out what my issue was! I realized that I was using the front of my shirt to open BEER BOTTLES!!! This was what was causing these tiny holes in my shirt. I had no idea hahahaha. Hope this might help some people... ya never know I guess.

    Bookmark   March 19, 2012 at 6:32PM
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I have the same problem as most of the above posters: groups of small holes in my cotton shirts clustered around the belly button area. The common denominators are cotton and hanging on the lower bar of the closet nearest the floor. Nothing that hangs on the top bar seems to get the holes. I keep the dressier clothes on the top bar. There was one cotton tank top with matching cardigan that accidently got put on the bottom rack. It has one small hole in the tank but the cardigan is untouched. It was only on the lower rack one overnight. I moved it to the top rack in the morning... None of my husband's jeans or some shirts that hang on the bottom rack have any holes anywhere...there must be something about the belly button area of a woman and apparently some men that leaves an attractant for these pests. I am assuming it is the carpet beetles and have the closet almost empty. Dry cleaned articles will go the dry cleaner and I am in the process of laundering everything else. UGHHHH! Once the closet is empty it will be thoroughly vacuumed, sprayed with insecticide (product to be determined)(also calling exterminator for price)vacuumed again and left empty with the light on for 1 week. UGHHHHH!!!! again...I personally think the new clothes come in with the pests in place...(EW) and will all be washed before wearing in the future. What a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bookmark   May 19, 2012 at 2:36PM
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This has been hapning to me for a couple months now that I've noticed. It's happening to most my new shirts and not my bf's. I googled it and came up with moths leaving larva on our shirts or some kind of beetle? I'm terrified of any bug and now don't even want to wear my shirts anymore!!

    Bookmark   May 19, 2012 at 8:35PM
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This has been hapning to me for a couple months now that I've noticed. It's happening to most my new shirts and not my bf's. I googled it and came up with moths leaving larva on our shirts or some kind of beetle? I'm terrified of any bug and now don't even want to wear my shirts anymore!!

    Bookmark   May 19, 2012 at 9:50PM
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Today I finally got the closet completely emptied. I used a bug bomb with the chemical Permethrin which will kill most of the "beetles" that do this damage. I am almost finished re-laundering all the clothing that was hanging in the closet. It will be another 2 weeks before I rehang the cloths in my closet because my understanding is that you have to bomb the area twice to kill any eggs and larvae that survive to adulthood. Then I read that these little buggers can survive even this treatment. The best advice I read is to vacuum the closet frequently and thoroughly making sure to get all the lint and fuzz along the baseboards. I guess my closet will be very neat from now on and nothing on the floor under the clothing so I can get the vacuum under there...Good luck to everyone dealing with this nightmarish minute (tiny) hole putting in your tee shirts pest. It's not your jeans button or belly button ring. If you have these holes in numerous shirts and shirts that you just purchased and never worn yet, you have carpet beetles in your closet. They are more common than you think.

    Bookmark   May 20, 2012 at 7:01PM
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I have been noticing the same small holes around the belly button area of many of my knit shirts, too. My husbands shirts don't have any & he wears a lot of tee shirts too. I don't have carpet or rugs in any part of my house but I live in an old house, about 60 yrs. old. After reading all of these posts I am going to feel like I have insects on me & will start to shake my shirts out before putting them on until I figure this out. I honestly hardly ever see a bug in my house. I plan to try using those sticky bug strips. Thanks for everyone's advice.

    Bookmark   August 24, 2012 at 2:29PM
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OMG - I am so excited to find this post. All of this year my clothes - all tshirts have been getting holes in the area around the belly button. Sometimes I have only worn the shirt once - and next time holes appear. We have had the house pest-controlled twice. We have used home bombs. We have hot washed at 60 degrees EVERY item of clothing - then dried in the dryer. Then we put every item of clothhing in separate zip lock bags in the hopes of stopping whatever this is. I thought we may have been on top of it - but nope, one new tshirt only worn twice - now has holes despite all of the above! I am convinced that something is coming in on these clothes. I think the retailers need to explain or at least investigate. This is costing me a fortune! It is not zippers, seatbelts, granite benches or anything else mentioned. I have also tried every chemial and natural solution suggested - all to no avail. I have ruled out all of that. It is driving me crazy and whilst I was excited to find this thread, I also find it kind of alarming and think something needs to be done!

    Bookmark   October 23, 2012 at 9:03PM
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i can now tell u for a fact you have carpet beetles. 100 million trillion percent. i couldnt figure out the problem for a long time until i actually saw it with my own eyes a carpet beetle hiding in my dresser. i confirmed it by googling the picture and info. its not uncommon for then to go after only one persons clothing either b/c apparently they are attracted to certain body oils and smells over others. there are different types of carpet beetles. the one likely eating ur clothes is the furniture carpet beetle.

    Bookmark   December 11, 2012 at 8:25PM
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So I'm not insane then (well, not over this anyway!). I too have this problem. I'm in the UK and it's been going on a few years. Most recently, a top I had a while but only took out of its packaging a week ago - about a dozen tiny holes all in exactly the same place, at the front, in the waist area. Driving me crazy as I've lost countless tops to whatever it is.
As others have said, only my stuff is affected, not husband or son.
I have considered bugs, but also wonder about the fabric as it's happening to all the same type of garment - thin cotton t-shirts/long-sleeve tops. I have started to examine everything in detail at the beginning and end of each day.

    Bookmark   January 15, 2013 at 1:42PM
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Anyone else wonder about the cotton grown being GMO cotton...also my jeans seem to stick out at the very top, the non button side which pokes my shirt almost constantly...but the cotton seems to be so crappy...mine are not all cheap t-shirts, that really makes me irritated..guuess it's time to switch to a different type of shirt!! too bad...anyone have any ideas of where to get quality cotton shirts?

    Bookmark   March 7, 2013 at 6:18PM
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My mum has this problem and thinks its her new induction hob that is causing the holes... Does anyone else have an induction hob? Hers is a new gaggenau hob.

    Bookmark   April 12, 2013 at 9:41AM
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I found tiny holes on my blouses around the belly area also. This was happening because as I sat on my L shaped desk and pressed my stomach against the desk, the metal button on my jeans were pressing against my shirts and the desk and forming the tiny holes. It didn't all happen at once. It was over a period of time. Once I found out what was happening, the problem was resolved and no more wholes in my shirts.

    Bookmark   August 13, 2013 at 12:09PM
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Ok first I have to say it was nice to see that I'm not alone in this problem. Not only am I not alone but it seems to be a major issue everywhere! With that being said I also have to laugh at all the possible causes and solutions that have been posted. I will say that the bug or insect issue is possible and I'm sure has caused holy clothes in isolated occurrences, but definitely not the cause for the masses. I've read a lot of posts here and on other sites and would like to present my hypothesis. In doing so we need to eliminate all of the impossibilities. Gender or age specific, no! Zipper, jewelry, button, countertop, seatbelt.. all no! What do all cases have in common? Washer and dryer, cleaning detergents, and seemingly location of holes (for the most part) appearing and predominantly in thin clothes such as t-shirts.
Hypothesis: First I would address the new detergents ie: HE detergents on the market and new formulas for old detergents that would use similar changes. Primarily the overuse of "concentrated" chemicals in washing that are very harsh on thin material in high areas of chemical concentration. I think this is part of the problem.Â
As for the actual holes and location of the holes: During the draining process between cycles the clothes that are against the bottom or sides of the wash bin are sucked against the tiny holes of the wash bin and act as a mini strainer as the water is pumped out through these holes and out of the washing machine. Which would cause the weakening or tearing of lightweight material in these areas. Now consider that happening, if you take a t-shirt and press it against this hole the 2 layers of the shirt front and back are twice as thick and will hold up to this pressure, however if the bottom of the shirt is not in two layers but only one layer is against these drain holes because of the opening in the bottom of the shirt. My belief is that is when the visible damage occurs. Which would also happen in some cases around neck and sleeve openings as well.
Possible Solution to check my hypothesis: Try washing your t-shirts in a washable mesh garment bag... Will get to the bottom of this! :) cheers!Â

    Bookmark   December 28, 2013 at 8:15AM
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zzackey(8b GA)


    Bookmark   December 28, 2013 at 4:43PM
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I too have holes in my shirts. I think it's my induction cooktop. Any thoughts?

    Bookmark   March 30, 2014 at 1:09PM
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This is a very specific problem - small holes in the front belly button area of (mostly) women's thin cotton shirts, including many more expensive brands including Banana Rep., Garnet Hill, Lucky Brand, Gap, etcâ¦
I have had this problem in the last year or so and it is very perplexing. At first I thought it was the use of a fanny pack (which seemed likely) and then I saw it happening to shirts that never went near one. Then I thought maybe jeans that rub this area? Which is still possible but I have canceled out many of the bug, jewelry, laundry detergents...ideas because of the location of the holes themselves, bugs and jewelry do not gravitate towards one area over and over again. Here's what I am thinking...
The combination of very thin cotton coming in contact with jeans/seat belts/ belts/ fanny packs/counter topsâ¦breakdown the fabric so that that area of the shirt, when washed, starts to disintegrate faster than the other areas?
I'm finding this problem extremely frustrating and expensive!
It's not all my shirts only the thinner cotton ad I don't hang them, I fold them in a drawer with many other cotton shirts that don't all have holes.
Could it be the way the companies are preshrinking or pre washing the cotton? But why in that particular area of the shirt.
I loved the explanation of the sacral chakra but it doesn't explain why my underwear,pants and skirts that fall in that area of my body don't all have small holes?
Has anyone out there found a explanation that covers all these issues?
The washer machine hypotheses sounds good except that it would be very unlikely for it to happen only in that area and not other areas along the bottom of the shirt as well.

    Bookmark   April 30, 2014 at 2:00PM
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The answer that seems clearest to me is the guy who said he bug-bombed his closet. ALL of my James Perse (very expensive) tshirts have holes in the front around the belly-button area - but many of my cheaper tshirts do not. I believe this is a bug that may be infesting wherever the factory is that makes these tshirts. I have tried the cedar closet hangars, etc., and nothing works.

    Bookmark   May 15, 2014 at 10:53PM
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I've seen a few threads for this problem. Has anyone figured out yet that its from where your jeans or chinos button in the front and the way the top corner pops out at the top...constant friction the thinner the t-shirt the larger the hole becomes. Always in the same place, tiny holes......

    Bookmark   July 5, 2014 at 12:14PM
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I have the same issue with the tiny holes. Yes the holes can get bigger when washed. I sometimes use oxy. That is not the real problem. The miniscule little bugs are somewhat like spiders. Flesh colored, pin head size, sticky.
I have found them on unworn & worn ultra thin cotton tshirts and slightly heavier t shirts. No other clothing has been affected.I think there are eggs in the fabrics from factory. Shirts are made in America OR elsewhere and holes on 3dot fancy $60 t's to chicos tshirt..The fabric could be from anywhere. There could be a mother bug in house, washroom, closet, factory or stores.Possibly one bug hatches a few them near a food source. The larvae live like tiny pin pricks, eating the fabric. They find source of food, a crumb, damp area,whatever might sustain them. I think that is why most holes on front bottom area, which would catch crumbs, etc. Fixing the holes early on barely works, but if light weight shirt gets holes, they go bigger in the wash. Oxy has a part in increasing hole size in the weaker fabrics. Someone needs to talk to the manufacturers. I complained at the store where I bought several expensive shirts, they said a few others had mentioned. They said they would talk to the rep. I would like to KNOW how to KILL the little suckers !!!! I am leaving town soon for two weeks, Would like to put something in my closet that will wipe out the bugs and not harm other clothing. HELP FIND A CURE !!!!

    Bookmark   July 8, 2014 at 1:50PM
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Ok. I wasn't able to read all of the postings regarding this problem but I've been plagued by these holes in my tops as well. I did some research awhile back and what I discovered is that some clothing that contains cotton has been "combed" not once, not twice but up to five times . This makes the fibers extremely weak. I recently bought 3 tops and all 3 have holes. One top was only worn one evening . I find it depends on which "country" the clothing is manufactured in. A couple of years ago I returned an armful of tops to Bass and they were wonderful about it. Let me get new tops but now they too have holes. I'm returning tops to Target and JC Penney tomorrow. If everyone started returning their "holy" tops maybe something could be done to get better quality , affordable clothing!

    Bookmark   August 21, 2014 at 8:10AM
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Hum.... I have about a dozen cotton / nylon tops that have holes in the cotton part only. they are sporadic in there locations.... I have no bugs in the house. Once, I had moths that ate wool that ruined some jackets and a cashmere coat but that was decades ago and there is no way this is correlated... I will wash the laundry hampers and see what happens. btw the damage is only on my clothes (female) no damage to my hubbies cotton? wth????

    Bookmark   August 26, 2014 at 8:43PM
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I have finally found the answer! For so long I thought it can't be insects or I'd see them and why would they just eat my clothes, and just in one spot? So I did all the things other people have done. I threw away a perfectly good pair of jeans, a belt, bought an apron. Then I googled 'holes in clothes' and after reading ALL of the posts here I thought I'd get a bright light and go hunting for carpet beetles. At first what I saw was so tiny (smaller than a pin head) if it wasn't moving I wouldn't have believed it. I then proceeded to take everything out of the closet. Now those of you thinking your house is clean and you don't have bugs well I vacuum at least once a week so I thought the same plus I couldn't see them. Once I started vacuuming and sprinkling that carpet stuff it's like I flushed them out and within 1 day I found 3 different types of tiny beetles (not in the closet though ). Since then I haven't found any new holes but I am still vacuuming at least every second day and I did ruin a dress because I washed everything in hot water then put them in the dryer. Unfortunately they are hard to get rid of but at least I know I'm not going mad! Even if you can't see them empty your closet wash everything and vacuum daily for a week, keep the light on or door open (they like the dark) and if you see a tiny beetle don't think oh how cute! squash it!

    Bookmark   October 2, 2014 at 8:33PM
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It's carpet beetles. Going through this now. Holes only in cotton tshirts and singlets I wear to the gym. They love body odour. Even after washing. Only around the belly area where sweat pools. This is fact. It's oit seatbelts. It's not cooking. It's not bench tops. Your a moron if you think it's anything else. It is carpet beetles.

    Bookmark   October 12, 2014 at 4:36PM
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