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oakleyokJune 22, 2009

We built a very large addition onto our home, house faces a new direction (in the country we can get away with that, lol), so now I have all new flower beds. I'm back to square one and I'm growing things I've never grown before, which is a lot of fun!

Central OK., Zone 7. Hot as all get out. We haven't been this hot (100) at this time of the year in ages.

Over a week ago I ordered an Endless Summer H. I received it today in perfect condition. It was still wet and had three very large blooms. The leaves are fantastic looking, the plant is almost 3 feet tall and semi-bushy.

I need to talk to real people here instad of reading numerous websites, which I'll also do.

I soaked the H. and set it in the shade on the porch. I don't plan on putting it in the ground until early tomorrow morning so it can acclimate to this heat.

I plan to put it on the east side of the house where it gets filtered sun all morning, then it starts to get shade in the late afternoon. I watched that area all morning, and there will be times off and on it will get direct sun because as the sun moves west, the tree won't shade it for a couple of hours.

Because of this heat, does my poor plant even have a chance to survive, or do you think it will be okay?

How much water does it take? I plan to mulch it very well.

I'm in love. I've never seen such a beautiful plant in real life before, no one I know has one. The scent is intoxicating!

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. I was like a little kid on Christmas morning when I opened this package. lol.

I bought it from Carrolls Garden if anyone is interested. Very pleased!

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I read to snip the spent blooms on the plant, so there was a very large white one, that I thought was "spent." After I cut it and inspected it closely, it had a lot of fragrance to it, and I noticed some of the flowers had a very light pink around the edge.

I know I didn't hurt the plant, but did I by chance cut a new bloom that hadn't turned color yet? lol Do they bloom in white and then turn colors? Mine are pink. For now. :)

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I'm in SE Michigan(zone 5). Mine gets good AM sun and filtered PM sun and has done well. I am not sure about planting in high heat, but endless summer does require alot of water when its hot. If the leaves are droopy - it's probably thirsty.

Also, blooms start white with a little color on periphery and gradually turns more pink (or blue). The flowers last about 2 weeks in michigan.

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You have a good location. You may want to make sure it is sheltered from hot dry winds. Water it every day for a while, maybe twice a day if it stays super hot. It will probably wilt. They are big drama queens. It will perk back up if the leaves haven't turned crunchy.

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