Pantry moths, eewwww!

broxtermonsterSeptember 13, 2006


i found an old entry about pantry moths w/ helpful info, but i have a few more ?'s that hopefully someone can answer. i already cried as i threw away pretty much all of our food. i only left what's in the refridgerator/freezer and a few things i really want to save that i thought were safe. so from what i read tea is not safe? all teas? ( i had a huge collection) and how about coffee? licorice?

my other questions are about prevention. everyone talks about the freezer, but is the refridgerator safe? i was planning on pretty much not buying groceries anymore unless it's something i can keep in the fridge or freezer. the main one i'm concerned about is the bread i'm planning on keeping in the refridgerator. ( i dont want to have to deal w/ defrosting everything all the time. ) and, lastly, so plastic bags are not strong enough, what about plastic containers? like those cheap ziploc snap-top things? they're not *that* thick, but...ok. thanks in advance it you can help. :)

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

The plastic containers won't do it. Heavy duty hard plastic with screw tight lids might work, and the same for glass. A friend of mine had a major pantry infestation and we found the larvae in her peanut butter!!!! With the lid on tight.

Place your teas in a zip lock bag and observe for signs of the adults or larvae. Personally, I think that tea would not be safe.

Clean out any pet food, bird seed, spices, even potpourri and craft supplies, pine cones, etc. Do a major cleaning to get rid of the little cocoons that you will find in the nooks and crannies of the house...and not just in the kitchen! I found an infestation in my bedroom closet, where I kept a couple of (closed and not used) bags of that fancy potpourri that had been given me. I had been planning on 're-gifting', lol!!!

I've heard good things about pantry pest traps (non chemical), and suggest you investigate them.

Once you get rid of the adults, freeze food items for a few days before introducing them back into the pantry. And storage in the 'fridge is a good idea, too.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

You won't need to refrigerate the bread. (And in fact, it would stale even faster there than if stored the pantry.) But related things such as flour, including bread mixes, and crackers are at risk.

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thanx for the all the feedback.
-rhizo, spices, really? man, we have *so* many delicious spices! is there a certain spice that you've found them in? or do you think they're all at risk? so does that include dried herbs?
-jean, you're sure about the bread? why would it be safe? it just makes me so nervous. i know they arent harmful, but the thought of eating little insect eggs really makes my skin crawl.
thanks again, both of you

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