tiny black bugs(dots) that bite??

star723September 20, 2005

Hello~ Can anyone tell me what is the tiny black dots that bite?? I have asked my garden club ladies and everyone knows what I am talking about but no one knows the name of it. I was at a outdoor wedding this past weekend and the white chairs were covered with them. Just a black dot~ but boy do they bite~ I think they come out about this time of year. Thanks ~ Debbie

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Do they fly?

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They could be flea beatles. I have a problem with flea beatles at this time of year in my Dichondra ground cover. I spray with Sevin.

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We have had the extermator three times and used a fogger once, We started with fleas which the extermator got rid of but he doesn't know what the tiny black bugs are. They don't bother my husband but they get on my body,in my bed but they don't fly,you can easily pick them up. They seem dead when I get them off my clothes.Can anyone help me.

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