Mudhills? What makes them

poobalooSeptember 16, 2007

Ok I've read some of the forums and they all say that below a mudhill you should find a tunnel. I can't!

We have small mudpiles showing up in our grass overnight. About 1 per night. 4-5" in diameter. Go out with a small shovel, it's easy enough to scoop the dirt away, and the ground below seems relatively undisturbed, aside from the pile of dirt that's somehow been dug up.

Even took a large shovel, and dug out 1' around, and do not see tunnels leading off any way in particular.

They are showing up in close proximity to each other, about 2' or so apart, in a random fashion.

What is doing this??


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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Perhaps worms?

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In my digging I did see some worms in the ground... but why would they make neat little piles of dirt on the surface? And 5" in diameter? I presume they are pretty well distributed around the whole yard, after all they're just worms which are common here.

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There is a very large variety of critters that would make mud hills as you have described, but at 5 inches in diameter it is not likely to be earthworms, or spiders. Possibly a toad or some other similar insect predator.

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